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Canon EOS - Non-Mfg Fixed Focal Length Lenses

105 F2.8 SIGMA MACRO EX (1:1) (58) CANON AUTO FOCUS - 105 F2.8 SIGMA MACRO EX (1:1) (58) *WITH CAPS


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You may have to work a bit, but it will pay off.

Reviewed by: leko
Pros: Beautiful DOF, Splendid color, unique bokeh. Tack sharp.
Cons: Two stage switch for manual/auto focus (no usm), It extends when focusing, some do not like the bokeh

Reviews: I love this lens, but will buy a rail soon. It is a lot of work, but pays off in dividends. Unlike the canon, I am not too thrilled with it's portrait ability, but maybe I am not using it correctly. I love the macro shots it takes. When you get to 1:1 magnification, you have...
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