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Nikon Autofocus - Fixed Focal Length Lenses

50 F1.4 D (52) NIKON AUTO FOCUS - 50 F1.4 D (52)


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One of my favorite Nikkor lenses

Reviewed by: Chris Lynch
Pros: Size, Focus speed(FAST!), optical performance (as good as i could hope for), build, price. Not AF-S (AF-D lenses focus faster on my D700). ...
Cons: Not AF-S(full time manual focus would be nice, but isn't a dealbreaker). Not free.

Reviews: This, along with the 18mm f2.8 AF-D, makes up my essential Film/FX Nikkor kit. These two lenses, coupled with a camera like the D700, and i feel like i can take on the world. Pack light, but still be able to take amazing pictures in most lighting conditions. This 50mm has ver...
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