Nikon Manual Focus - Fixed Focal Length Lenses

28 F2.8 AI (52) NIKON MANUAL FOCUS - 28 F2.8 AI (52) *WITH CAPS





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Very Portable, very VERY SHARP, Great Price!

Reviewed by: Photo-freak since 1970
Pros: EXCELLENT and Extreme Sharpness & Contrast - even nearly "wide-open". VERY well built ... and a much better price-value than it's later AI...
Cons: Not a close-range-correction (CRC) lens - but WHO CARES (really), when it's a 28mm???

Reviews: Except for the near-legendary, AI-S "cousin" to this lens, this AI version is perhaps the MOST RAZOR SHARP 28mm Nikkor I've ever tried!! Although not a "CRC" lens, it still will focus to 1 ft. with very, VERY NICE general image results. I've tried both this version against the...
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