Survey Results

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ORDERING (Catalog or Phone)    
1. The catalog is easy to understand. Ratings 4.40
2. It was easy to order from KEH. Ratings 4.56
3. KEH personnel were knowledgeable. Ratings 4.43
4. KEH personnel were courteous/helpful. Ratings 4.43
5. The website is easy to navigate. Ratings 4.42
6. Product specifications were informative. Ratings 4.13
7. It was easy to place an order. Ratings 4.52
8. My order was accurately filled/properly packed. Ratings 4.57
9. Delivery was as promised. Ratings 4.62
10. Condition/grade of equipment was as expected. Ratings 4.59
11. Any problems were resolved fairly and quickly. Ratings 4.51
12. I am pleased with KEH's overall service. Ratings 4.57
13. I will order from KEH again. Ratings 4.63


I just wanted to let you know how absolutely stoked I am with the used (EX+) Minolta 85/2 lens I just bought - for an item of that age its condition is absolutely amazing. Also, kudos to the way you package the gear - this is excellent, and important to me as I am living in Australia at the moment (last year I helped my boss (while I was in the US) buy a Leica Summicron-R from KEH and it arrived in the same style of packing and was likewise very conservatively rated re: condition). Please keep up the great work - this will not be my last purchase from KEH!

Submitted by Scott McLeod

In a world of underwhelming results, it's nice to be overwhelmed once in a while. All items exceeded my expectations...you can be assured I'll be spreading your name around.

Submitted by Eric Hambleton

I purchased a Nikon 20mm f/2.8D lens, LN- condition. It arrived yesterday, in a flimsy box which looked like it had been run over a few times. However, thanks to the 20 miles of bubble-wrap and packing tape wrapped around the lens, it arrived safe and unharmed. I am pleased with my lens, and will probably buy my next used lens from KEH.

Submitted by Kevin Williams

Thanks for the excellent serive on the exchange of 3696448 - Nikon SP rangefinder camera with dim rangefinder patch - for a second NIkon SP. The exchange was successful, and the second SP has a good patch and works well. This kind of service keeps me coming back to KEH!

Submitted by Gary Hudes

You do have a solid reputation for dependable service. But you went far beyond excellent, with the replacement of the mislabeled Hasselblad 40mm Distagon. The correct lens, the IF lens, that you sent me is not a bargain grade. I can´t see how a lens could be better. Thank You, KEH. I will highly recommend you on camera forums as I have all ready done at Fred Miranda. I am looking forward to place further orders with you!

Submitted by Anders Isaksson, Finland

I cannot praise your company enough.......I will always buy what I need from you.....always better then described.

Submitted by David Winnert

Just a quick note, as it's long overdue. I have been a KEH customer since the 1980's, when I lived in GA, and browsed the store as a cash customer. Over the past several years, I began buying from KEH via the Internet (I moved to NJ at the turn of the century), and my experience has always been outstanding. Some people always find time to complain, yet often have no time to offer praise. Imagine that.... Anyway, KEH has been at the top of my go-to list for used gear for several decades now, and although I miss the early days when I could walk into the store, and spend an hour browsing through aisles of "photo stuff", it's still great to be able to rely on an Internet description of an item, and press the buy button without having to worry about what might actually be in the package when it arrives. Thanks folks.

Submitted by Jim Krupnik

style="text-align:justify;">Just want to say how please I am with my purchase and experience with KEH. My bargain lens is truly a bargain and was shipped to me much faster than I expected. I could not ask for more and will definitely be returning to purchase again from KEH.

Submitted by Nora van Beek

Reference invoice #3724411, Pentax istDL body. Received my camera today. I am super pleased! The condition is perfect, it functions perfectly as well. This is my second used camera purchase from KEH, and I am very happy! Thank you very much.

Submitted by Edwin Gossert

I just wanted to say that I am very impressed by your website and products. I purchased four lenses with ugly through excellent quality ratings, and they all seem to be in phenomenal condition. Even the ugly has flawless glass and no haze or fungus. The prices are also great, and i look forward to future purchases.

Submitted by Austin Sting

Dear KEH, Just received an order from you folks for a few small items. Everything I got (lens hood, some caps, a flash etc.) exceeded your own condition rating. I've bought a number of things from you over time and have always been more than satisfied. Just wanted to give you a little pat on the back.

Submitted by Michael Bair

Thanks! The item I ordered came fast and performed better than expected. I look forward to doing more business with you!

Submitted by Brian Kinney

Hi KEH, I wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciated the professional customer service I received while sorting out my first order! Although it took four shipments (invoice 3734612 was the winner) I was able to get the functional Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 I needed in time for my shoot today, thanks to the quick and courteous work of Jeannie and Will (I think those were their names). Please give them, and anyone else in the order chain, a pat on the back for me! What could've been a terrible experience caused by understandable human error (defective gear twice in a row, 3rd order was the wrong lens) ended up being a model for customer service awesomeness. After my experience I'm looking forward to ordering again and I'll be recommending KEH to all of my friends. If only other companies, not just camera shops, could follow your lead!

Submitted by Erik Hess

I received the Nikon 70-210mm f4-5.6 today. It was listed as E+ All I can say is that it looks Brand New! I love your grading System! hee hee I have my eye on an older Nikon FG now.

Submitted by JW Dulin

In August I was in the market for a Nikon Digital SLR. A local and well respected photography shop in Nashville referred me to KEH.com. I am so glad they did! Your sales rep (I think his name was Dan) was so very patient and helpful, went above and beyond the call. I was beginning to feel guilty I was getting such a great tutorial! He never made me feel pressured to make a purchase, but I was able to make an informed decision based on his wealth of knowledge. The camera arrived promptly in perfect condition. I bought a used camera, but you would never know it. It was in MINT condition. I felt that the price was very fair...I really can't say enough nice things about this company. My experience was 100%positive and I will recommend this site every chance I get! THANK YOU!!!!! Peggy Severs Franklin Tn

Submitted by Peggy Severs, Tennessee

I must say, KEH is the fastest delivery I have ever got from someone. The "Bargain" lens looks far better then what I am now using, it looks almost like new. Will definitely look to KEH first for my next purchase.

Submitted by Keith Abel

I have been buying from KEH for many years. I'm always amazed at the nice condition of even the "bargain" grade items. Recently I bought a Leica MR light meter that was listed as "inoperative". I figured for $8 it would be completely unfixable and look like $#!^. To my amazement it was in really good shape and with a little work I was able to get it operating perfectly. Thank you for a great item at such an unbelievable price.

Submitted by Michael Graziotti

Really satisfied with D40x body. Wasn't expecting to get it packaged so well. It is like new. Thanks....

Submitted by William Tiep

I ordered two lenses from you for my bromica and was very pleased with deliver and the lenses looked like brand new. I have not had time to shoot with them yet but the glass looks wonderful. I will be ordering more from you from now on.

Submitted by Leo Mehl

Just saying a big THANK YOU for the two lenses I recently purchased. Both were better than described! Best regards from Australia.

Submitted by Bruce Thomas

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing "used" telephoto lens you shipped to me last week. Your rating of excellent+ was right on the mark--It looks and operates like it is brand new. I loved your personal customer service, too. I will happily do business with you again.

Submitted by Susan Waterman

Okay guys seriously.... what is the difference between New, LN, and EX+. This is the third order I have placed I have ordered 2 lenses and cannot get over how awesome they are. Got my 28-135 today and wow, this thing is amazing. Anyone who is on the fence one whether or not to order from KEH can email me, I will set them straight.

Submitted by Mike Schnelle

We've always read positive reviews about Keh. We just received the Induro A114 Tripod and 3D-M-23 Tripod Head, our first purchase. My wife and I are very satisfied with the condition of the Items. They're almost good as new. We are excited and we look forward to future purchases from your store. Keep up the good work. Add us to the hundreds of satisfied KEH customers!

Submitted by Ron and Leth

This is a 'thank you' for a crappy situation turned positive because of Sales Representative, Dan Orchard. This was my first time ordering from KEH. I was nervous buying a used lens from a company I've never dealt with... especially now that I live in Australia. But I gave it a shot. The estimated delivery date came and went and I was getting concerned. "What have I done? I never should have tried this at such a distance. Etc.", played in my head. I gave it a few extra days (just in case it got hung up in customs or something). So by the time I called I was definitely feeling let down by the whole transaction and frustrated with myself and KEH. Dan took my call. His empathy for my situation was immediately genuine. He found out that somehow I had slipped through the cracks and was never sent an email explaining the verification requirements. My order was in limbo. His simple honesty was perfect. I paraphrase, but the essential message was 'oh man, I don't know how it happened, but we screwed up and I'm really sorry.' Then he stayed on the phone until I had all the necessary info scanned and sent so he could check it, make sure it was sufficient and pass it through. So basically, I called with near-zero confidence in my decision to use KEH; and hung up 100% happy that I took the chance. I will certainly use KEH in the future and will tell everyone over here (especially now that the dollar has reached parity and everyone that is normally looking toward the states for gear is making moves.) Thanks. And I look forward to the lens!

Submitted by Jason Malouin

Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the Nikon D40 I received last week. Camera body was in better condition than I expected. It was listed as LN- and if it had come an original box I would have thought it was new! I am so pleased, that I am ordering a AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR to compliment it. Thanks again.

Submitted by Marv Keur

I sent an email to your VP & General Mgr, Mr. Todd Murphy. I complemented him on his response to an unhappy customer who vented online to how badly he was treated. As I told Mr. Murphy, I too have been in retail and realize how difficult it can be to keep all happy. So I thought he did a very good job and sounded very intelligent and fair. As I told him, I am going to use your purchasing of used photo equipment and see how it goes. Hopefully, all will benefit from the experience and I can be a testimonial to how good the service is. Thank you.

Submitted by Charles Reed

I just wanted to let you know that I had great service from Dan and Arthur in sales. I had originally called to ask questions about a camera and talked with Dan, but when I called back to buy the camera, Dan was out of the office. Arthur assured me that he would ring the sale in Dan's name, and he actually did! When the camera arrived (a Nikon D40) it didn't work. I called Dan, and he tried to troubleshoot on the phone and was totally patient with the fact that I know nothing about digital SLR cameras. He had me ship it back (at no charge!) and sent me one in better condition (again at no extra charge!)! When my new camera came it worked great and I love it! Although it will be a long time before I outgrow this camera, I will certainly tell everyone I know about the great customer service I got from you guys.

Submitted by Aviva

Just received my latest purchased lens from KEH and I am super happy. The lens is in perfect conditions, exactly as described. The shipping was super fast. I am a returning customer and will continue doing business with you guys.

Submitted by Miguel A Rodriguez

I am SO happy with my "bargain" grade lens! Exceeded my expectations by far!

Sharla Allen
Riverside, CA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

I actually placed two orders within 30 minutes or so of each other. Both were combined for shipping as I had hoped, shipping charges were more than reasonable, and shipping was trackable, on-time, and with appropriate notifications. The equipment meets or exceeds expectations! Placed order number three last night as a very satisfied customer.

Terry Glover
San Francisco, CA
Level : Part-time Professional

KEH is a great store to do business with. Excellent used equipment and fast safe shipping at good prices.

Jimmy Payne
Monroe, LA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Several contacts and purchases with KEH have always been very successful. I found broad selection, reasonable prices and fast delivery. Thank you.

Robert B Richards
Springfield, VA 22151, VA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

The quality of the items I have ordered from KEH has been better than expected. The BGN grade lens I ordered was in Fabulous shape.

Jon Sylvester
Raymond, NH
Level : Amateur

Condition/grade of equipment is better than expected!!!

Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

KEH is where I go first for any of my equipment purchases. Your service and the quality of your merchandise is second to none. Thanks.

Omar Durant
Albuquerque, NM
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

KEH is the greatest place I have found so far to buy my photo equipment. When I placed my order they were very helpful and answered any questions I had. The prices they offer are great and affordable. The quality of the products are better then I expected. Thanks

Nathan Henson
Griffin, GA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Everything was easy, quick, and inexpensive. Thanks Keh.com

Vitaly Pecharsky
Belmond, IA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Always satisfied with your used gear. First time I had a problem, received excellent customer service from Arthur who permitted me to return & exchange for something else.

Marc Stowe
New York, NY
Level : Part-time Professional

Great to do business with! Thank you!

Augustine Feudale
Conshohocken, PA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Excellent Merchant, super fast contact & shipment. Trade with utmost confidence!!!

David Martinez
orlando, FL
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

This is the best on-line company that I have ever dealt with. Everyone was very polite and informative. I usually feel alittle uncomfortable when ordering from an on-line store but this was not the case with this company. I will definitely return for any further camera needs.

Teresa Lee
Cataula, GA
Level : Amateur

This was my first experience ordering from KEH and I was extremely pleased with the quality of service received not only from the Purchasing Dept. but also from Sales, Accounting and Customer Service Departments.

Edgar Perez-Grana
Altamonte Springs, Fl
Level : Full-time Professional

I have bought several used cameras and lenses from you and I have always been very pleased with them and with your service. I have often recommended you to friends and relatives and on popphoto.com.

Mark Drutz
Staten Island, NY
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Order was easy and product, and service were better than I hoped for. Ken was a big help and answered all my questions very professionally.

Earl Plumley
Hollywood, FL
Level : Amateur

Great site -quick delivery, and items in great shape. Thanks!

Oliver Bogler
Houston, TX
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

As a retired professional photographer come part time professional plus collector I found that K.E.H to be the most professional and pleasing international photography store and I would definitely to do business with K.E.H in the future.

carmine monzo
sydney nsw,
Level : Part-time Professional

This is the second digital camera I have ordered from KEH and I have been very pleased with the quality of service and equipment. Your pricing is a little lower than most retail stores. I always refer friends that are looking to purchase camera equipment to KEH.

Susi Waugh
Lawrenceville, GA
Level : Amateur

1st order of camera equipment and am glad I selected you based upon great recommendations off the web research I did. 2X was used (must have just been lack of the box) but I could not tell, goes well with my new 70-200 2.8 IS

Andrew Novajovsky
Grand Blanc, MI
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

The "ugly" graded lens that I ordered looks to me to be in EXCELLENT condition! I was very happy to get a highly regarded Nikon pro quality lens for a VERY reasonable price. Thank you.

Joe Martonik
Jessup, PA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

I will be back. Camera is in great condition

Dennis Wieck
Newbern, TN
Level : Part-time Professional

I am pleased with your conservative approach to grading condition. I would rate both the Sigma and the Tokina lenses I recently ordered at a level at least as high as your advertised condition.

Henry C. Scott, Jr.
Richmond, VA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Top Rate Service! Excellent from start to finish. Highly Recommended!!!

Richard Schwinke
Chesterfield, MI
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Every aspect of my order with KEH exceeded my expectations, even the quality of the used product.

Dayton Pruet
Columbia, SC
Level : Part-time Professional

The lens I ordered actualy exceded my expectaions. you made one happy collage student. The lens will be put to good use in my photography class. thanks

James Cook
Duluth, MN
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

I have ordered several times from KEH,and I have always got just what I ordered. I think that it is a great place to find any thing I may need to help with my photography. I will continue to do business here.

Eddie E. Lester
Ramseur NC.,
Level : Part-time Professional

Very pleased--Great condition. The rating system is very reliable!!

Douglas Hart
Indianapolis, IN
Level : Amateur

Very pleased…I will be a repeat customer. Thanks

dan nagy
reynoldsburg, OH
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

My anxiously awaited order arrived VERY QUICKLY. THANK YOU !!

Jamie Haling
New Market, AL
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

This is my third order from your company and I can honestly say I have made the right choice once again.

Brian Kearney
Lake Bluff, IL
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

I have always had a wonderful experience buying and selling with KEH. It's the first place I turn when I need a new or used camera or lens. Thanks for the great service, products, and prices.

Jared Vorkavich
Athens, OH
Level : Part-time Professional

I have purchased several items from you, and I have always been very satisfied. I have recommended you to other photographers many times.

Mark Drutz
Staten Island, NY
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

KEH consistently exceeds my expectations and I spread the word to my friends whenever possible. My three favorite companies are LL Bean, Land's End and KEH, all because of their superior customer service. Thank you!

Barbara Cook
Baltimore, MD
Level : Part-time Professional

The grade on my lenses was EX.+ but it could have easily have been new or demo!!! The delivery was great and arrived before expected.

Cody Powers
Valdosta, GA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

I was thoroughly pleased with how well organized your website is, the quantity and condition of product available, and the way it all worked!!! I will definitely buy more from KEH in the future!!

Robert Jones
Media, PA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

I find your store the best for used equipment. Many thanks!

Stanley Muraoka
Alamo, CA
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Fair values on trade-ins. A pleasant buying experience.

Tony Craig
Huntsville, AL
Level : Amateur

I ordered an EF 75-300mm zoom lens with a condition rating of "bargain" which meant with visible wear and flaws that would not effect functionality. If the lens I received had visible signs of wear I could not find them. optically the lens is flawless. I am very pleased, thank you.

Richard L. Rothrock
Nordland, WA
Level : Part-time Professional

Excellent job. Once again you provided better than advertised product and service. Always a first class operation

Scott Wuerch
Eau Claire, WI
Level : Part-time Professional

KEH is THE BEST! Period! There can't be any more comments.

Alexander CHISTOV
Lausanne, Switzerland,
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Great selection, service and prices. The only place to go for top-notch photographic gear is KEH.

Jay Swoboda
Conroe, TX
Level : Part-time Professional

Have both bought and sold online with KEH - every time a satisfying and pleasurable experience.

Weldon Thomson
Pine Valley, CA
Level : Part-time Professional

Thanks for the properly graded equipment. My purchase was as expected.

William Harris
Fort Smith, AR
Level : Part-time Professional

Products are always technically correct in their condition and makes it an easy choice when you don't want to wade into the ebay waters. Love the forum, the honest and prompt service, and knowldgeable advice that is good guidance in future choices or purchases.

John Nordstrom
Round Lake Beach, IL
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

I'm glad I found you on the internet.I plan on buying from you again.Lenses look and work great. Thanks.

Gordon Frankland
Oakfield, TN
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Delivery sooner than expected. Condition better than anticipated. Camera listed as Excellent +. Wow. Wonder what New would have looked like. This one shows no sign of any useage.

C.C. Ibsen
Missoula, MT
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist

Received my first order today (80-200mm f4 Nikon). This "bargain" lens looks and works as good as some "new" lens. Ill be ordering again. Thanks.

Gordon H Frankland Jr
Oakfield, TN
Level : Serious Amateur/Hobbyist