Nikon Manual Focus - Fixed Focal Length Lenses

35 F1.4 AIS (52) NIKON MANUAL FOCUS - 35 F1.4 AIS (52) *WITH CAPS


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Strongly Built - very good for low light work

Reviewed by: Photo-freak since 1970
Pros: Great for low-light work, operating as an effective 52-53mm "normal" lens in the Nikon "DX" format (and slightly wide-angle (35mm) in the "F...
Cons: Pretty "soft" wide open, and with noticeable vignetting between F/1.4 through F/1.8 (much better by F/2.0).

Reviews: The optical design of this lens comes from the 1960's, but still "works" today for all those interested in a truly fast "normal" (DX) - or near "normal" (FX) - lens. If you're interested in a VERY well built, super fast lens - with CRC (Close Range Correction) - this one will n...
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