Nikon Manual Focus - Fixed Focal Length Lenses

50 F1.8 AIS (52)/LATE NIKON MANUAL FOCUS - 50 F1.8 AIS (52) / LATE





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The Zenith of Normal Nikkors

Reviewed by: Robert Kildare
Pros: Reasonable price. Smooth operation. Good construction. Superb optics.
Cons: None

Reviews: There's a lot of buzz about this lens, and it's all true This baby is razor-sharp and brings home high resolution and beautiful color. Because I like 50mm as my day-to-day focal length, I'm delighted this lens exists. Quite aside from its great optical performance, this lens ...
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Expertise level:   Senior Amateur
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MKII Review (haven't tried the MKIII)

Reviewed by: jsvfoto
Pros: Light-weight small discreet fast fairly sharp stopped down. Excellent contract punchy colors. Highly versatile.
Cons: Can be tricky to focus properly--wide open CA is evident and images are a bit soft.

Reviews: There are two versions of this lens--the MKII and the MKIII. KEH does not distinguish between the two, and which you end up with can vary. I know because I bought one and ended up with the MKII. Both are "late" 50mm lenses. The difference is in the "knurls". The MKII has knurls ...
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A Super Value for the Money

Reviewed by: Photo-freak since 1970
Pros: VERY SHARP optically, very smooth focusing ring, and QUALITY Nikkor AIS build. Very compact and small, but excellent in LOW light situation...
Cons: Only focuses to 2-feet.

Reviews: This is perhaps the VERY BEST, LOW-LIGHT capable Nikkor optic available FOR THE MONEY (the "AF" version of this is also good, but the build quality is definitely better on this manual-focus lens). In fact, this lens is sharper at ITS maximum aperture (F/1.8), than the AIS Nikko...
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