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Our Gear Experts are here to help you with every aspect of buying and selling used camera equipment. Whether making a new purchase, trading up, or looking to turn old gear into cash, we're here to answer your questions, give you the best advice, and even help place your order.

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We’ll buy your used cameras, lenses, accessories, and other equipment at prices you can feel good about, and turn them into new opportunities—for you and your fellow photographers.

We've been the best place to sell used camera equipment since 1979. Get the industry’s best resale rates, plus a bonus on the value of your payout when you spend or trade with us. Gear appraisals and shipping are always free—even if you choose to keep your gear.

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We're Camera People. The original curator and reseller of rare and quality camera gear, KEH has always envisioned a better way to support the passion and profession of photography.

We’re proud to be the camera community’s choice for gear that goes further. Field-tested. Expert-graded. Sustainable. Exchangeable. KEH-approved.

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"Easy though the site is a bit slow at times even on my Mac."

Mike B

05 Dec 2023 | CA, United States


I watch a lot of Jason Vong videos and decided to go with one of his recommendation about your site.


"I am very pleased to have found excellent professionals who are dedicated to their clients, always meeting their needs and always being a solution for us photography professionals. Whenever I'm looking for some equipment or repair service for my equipment, I come across you. I needed to repair my flash and ended up buying one from you. Thank you very much."

Gley dos S

05 Dec 2023 | MA, United States


Because you are "Excellent" and "Unbeatable".


"Need this for the D3 and F100 I recently purchased"

Robert H

05 Dec 2023 | TX, United States


I always choose KEH for quality and value.