The season for gift-giving is upon us! If you've got a special photographer in your life and you're hoping to impress them this season, look no further. We’ve joined forces with YouTuber & photographer Jessica Whitaker to bring you some superb ideas for the shooters in your life. If you decide to pick something up for yourself instead, rest assured that we won’t tell Santa.

It can be hard to choose the perfect pro-level camera or lens for someone, especially if they're already committed to a particular brand's system for their professional work. For that reason, try to steer clear of really changing the way a photographer works. Instead, augment and build on what’s already there by adding some functionality and fun.

Take a look at Jessica’s video below, and don’t forget our own recommendations underneath. Leave a comment on Jessica’s YouTube page noting which photo-related gift you’d like to receive this year and be entered to win a $500 KEH gift card. Winners will be chosen 12/3/2021. Note: This contest has ended.

Compact Cameras

A compact point-and-shoot camera may seem like a silly purchase at first, especially if a photographer’s main camera is large and powerful enough for them to build a career with! Don’t let thinking this way dissuade you from gifting one of these simpler options, though. 

Creatives like cameras of all shapes and sizes, and having something a bit more portable or discreet can be a huge blessing. Sure, a Canon 5D Mark IV kit with the 24-70mm and 70-200mm zoom is feature-packed and capable of taking a photo of pretty much anything, but do you really want to haul that around everywhere you go? 

A compact camera like a Fuji X100F or an Olympus Tough TG-6 is much easier to handle when on the go or vacationing. They’re easy to slip into a backpack or purse, and they make an excellent second option when the full camera kit is more than one needs.

Instant Cameras

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting an instant camera, you know firsthand just how much fun the experience can be. Whether it’s a classic Polaroid SX-70 or a newer model that uses Fujifilm Instax film like the Lomo'Instant Automat, there’s something spontaneous and fun about snapping a photo for the moment without fiddling around too much with the different technical settings.

Instant cameras typically aren’t meant to take poster-worthy photos, and that’s part of the charm. Taking the pressure off and just allowing a moment to be frozen in time is sublime, and being able to instantly hand someone a printed photo that was just taken is a phenomenal way to cement that moment in history.

Put simply, instant cameras are a ton of fun and make a risk-free gift for nearly any photographer. They’re perfect for holiday parties and family gatherings.

Camera Bags & Cases

If there’s one thing that photographers obsess about even more than cameras and lenses, it’s trying to find the perfect bag. After all, someone who adores their image-crafting gear needs a safe place to store it and a handy way to bring it from place to place. It doesn't hurt if this handy way to carry is an aesthetically-pleasing choice, as well.

Granted, some prefer a more utilitarian look like the Think Tank Urban Approach Backpack. Others may prefer the refined style of a Billingham duffel. Others still may prefer the protective shell and customized foam of a Pelican hard case. There truly is a bag or a case for any occasion.


For a great photo, the camera needs to be steady. Whether taking images of flowing waterfalls with a long shutter speed or simply setting the perfect angle for those self-timed family portraits, a tripod can really boost the capabilities of a camera kit. 

Tripods and monopods also come in many different shapes and sizes. If your special photographer is an avid outdoor lover, grab a backpack-ready Sirui Travel Tripod. If they need something a little heavier for big video setups, consider something like this option from Manfrotto.

If your special photographer really doesn’t like being held down to one place when shooting, try a monopod. Think of a tripod with one leg, giving you not only stable contact with the ground, but also the ability to stay mobile when necessary.


Let’s be honest. Every analog photographer out there can always use more film. A refrigerator drawer stacked to the top with various brands, speeds, sensitivities and colors is a dream come true. Even if it’s not your special photographer’s favorite, they’ll be happy to try something new.

In fact, if you’re familiar with the type of film that your gift-receiver typically uses, gift them something different and off-the-wall. A new type of film can be an exciting way to shake up the world of someone who may have never thought to try that particular flavor for themselves.

Oh, and if they aren’t analog shooters already, add an inexpensive 35mm camera for a knockout combination gift.


Help build up their kit with additional accessories that either make life easier or add some extra functionality. A battery grip designed for their camera can allow them to keep shooting longer and give them a better handle when taking portrait-mode images. A few lens filters can not only unlock a ton of image options but also work to protect their precious lenses, too.

If you’re a little lost on which accessories the special photographer in your life could use for their own system, give us a call at 1-800-DIALKEH and our experts will be happy to help you find the perfect add-on.