Sit for a spell, and read up on our quick list of tips for spooking—*ahem* we mean shooting—the best Halloween photos of your kids this year.


1. Capture the Magic from Behind-the-Scenes

Visit your local Halloween shops and document all the fun that goes in to choosing a costume and getting ready for the big night. Take your camera so you can photograph your kids trying on silly accessories, frightening masks, and crazy wigs. Don’t forget their priceless reactions to spooky, motion-activated decorations, too!


2. Trial and Terror

Trying to create the perfect portrait before trick-or-treating is next to impossible. Before Halloween, I suggest a planned dress rehearsal. Go out to the nearest pumpkin patch or Halloween festival for a test run. Take as many pictures as possible to get comfortable with photographing how active your child is in the midst of all the excitement.


3. Best Impressions Matter

Sitting and standing still are probably two of the most challenging requests for children. Get your kids in character for a photo shoot by asking them to do their best impression of their chosen Halloween character. Ask your zombie to walk like the dead towards your camera, and then show him how creepy he truly looks.

4. Authentic Atmosphere

Take your pirate to the beach or your superhero to the city. Ask yourself what are the most coveted parts about your child’s costume. Perhaps it is the extravagant makeup or a handmade accessory. Bring those details to light by zooming in on them. This will make for engaging, fun photos to share with the whole family later.

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5. The Golden [Hour] Rule

Prior to nightfall, get some photos on the porch. Both the golden hour and twilight are the ideal times to shoot impactful images that are rich in color. This would also be a fantastic opportunity to gather the whole trick-or-treating crew for a group photo. They are a crowd favorite and bound to exhibit a wide range of personalities.


6. Embrace the Darkness

When darkness falls, forgo the flash. Embrace it by keeping an eye out for upcoming pockets of light. Along the sidewalk, street, or as you approach the porch—these are all wonderful chances to add a little drama to your photos. Ready your camera while the kids’ backs are to you at the doorsteps. With your shot already framed, you will be all set to capture their expressions as they turn around with their treats.

Don't forget these tips for shooting in low light!

7. Spooky Camera Settings

Make the most of your camera’s capabilities by spending a few minutes looking at your settings. Your point-and-shoot most likely includes a night setting that would be picture-perfect for Halloween. If you’re using a DSLR, don’t hesitate to increase your ISO and open up your aperture to allow for a faster shutter speed making it easier to photograph all the action.

P.S. Find out how to tweak your settings, stance or lighting for more spooky Halloween effects here.

Written by Kristina Sooy, an Atlanta newborn photographer.

Have any frightfully snap-tastic tips of your own? Leave them below so we can try them out, too!

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