Everyone takes photos while they’re traveling, so next time you find yourself on the road make sure to have a camera nearby.  It’s by far the best way to show off your travels to your friends and family back home and to create a memento of your own.

Need some travel photography inspiration? Here are 8 photos that every traveler should take on their next trip:


Mount Rushmore

  1. Famous Landmarks

Whether you’re visiting a big city, a national park, or going overseas, you should always make sure to see the locations that everyone talks about. Take some time to do your research and seek out what it is that makes where you’re going unique. Landmarks help visualize a place, so try to find your own take on a widely photographed landmark and make yours stand out from the rest.


Coffee Shop

  1. Coffee shops

Ahhhhh. Coffee. It gets us up in the morning and keeps us going while we’re traveling. We’re not sure what we’d do without it. Stray away from the typical coffee giants and ask a local where they like to get their caffeine fix to have a new experience (plus the potential for a great instagram photo).



  1. Architecture

If you’re visiting a city, make sure to get photos of interesting architecture no matter what form it comes in. Whether it be unique buildings, interesting statues, cobblestone roads, or anything else that might catch your eye, stay on the lookout for architectural elements that stand out wherever you’re wandering.


San Francisco

  1. Skylines

From waking up early to watch the sunrise to staying up late and seeing the city lights, capturing a skyline is a great way to visualize the size of the place. If you’re in a city, try to go inside one of the tallest buildings in the area and see if there’s a lookout at the top or find a spot outside of the city that makes for a good lookout. These make for great skyline photos and gives you an interesting perspective of the area.


Art and Culture

  1. Culture

We live in such a diverse world and you’re sure to witness that as you travel.  Document what and who you see and, if possible, ask locals if it’s okay to take their photograph. This not only gives a glimpse into the lives of people in the area, but also has the potential for you to connect and make new friends and memories.


Street Art

  1. Art

Art is everywhere nowadays and you don’t have to go to a museum to find it. Try to photograph street and local art that shows off the character and creativity that the location you’re travelling to has to offer.


Outdoor Market

  1. Outdoor Markets

Fresh produce, handcrafted goods, local performers and food trucks galore. Most towns and cities have some kind of outdoor market, especially on the weekends. Be sure to look around for local fliers and online to see what’s going on in the area, and bring a few lenses with you to get different styles of shots.



  1. Memorable Activities

Action shots are always a necessity. No matter where you go you’re bound to find activities that you want to participate in. Make sure you get the image to go along with it. It’s a great way to remember what you did during your trip long after it’s over.


When it comes to travelling, you can never have too many photos. Now that we’ve given you  some photo ideas, get out there and plan your next adventure.