Today's "behind the scenes/day in the life" post is from one of our sales team members, Arthur.

I'm sure that most of you that read this are already customers of ours, or will be shortly, so sit back and relax. I'll try to keep it short (and interesting).

OK, it's 9am, and I've been in traffic for about 45 minutes. When I arrive, the phones are ringing, my voice mail light is flashing, and as I boot up my computer, I see dozens of e-mails awaiting my reply. Yes, it's another day here at KEH.COM.

My first phone call starts off: "Hey, this must be Arthur, it's Dave from Philly". "Hi Dave, what can I do for you today?". "I'm ready to buy that lens that we talked about...". What's really scary is that I probably do know which Dave is calling, and which lens he's looking for. I guess I've been here long enough to recognize quite a few customers voices, and remember the type of equipment that they use.

As soon as I hang up with Dave, my next call is waiting. It goes something like this: " Hi, my daughter needs a camera for school, and I don't know anything about photography...". Most of you that know me realize that I tend to spend a lot of time with my customers. One of the downsides to knowing something about photography is that you tend to try to teach everyone that asks, everything that you know. Needless to say, this can take some time. I have to add that in all the years I've worked here, I've learned more from my customers than they've learned from me, and for that, I have to say "Thank You".

Throughout the day, I'll receive dozens of phone calls saying: "I just placed an order on the web, and I wanted to make sure that it went through", or "I ordered on the web and I forgot to add this item" and " I mailed you a check, has my order shipped yet?" With that being said, the most amazing call that we get (at least once a day) is when the customer says: "I love you guys. Your equipment is great, and I wouldn't shop anywhere else."

Fortunately, the phone rarely stops ringing, so it's quite busy from when we arrive until it's time for us to leave, which is sometimes later than normal. If we're still working with a customer, we will continue to do so until their needs are taken care of. I'm surrounded by a sales staff that are the best in their field. We all have our "specialties", but overall, when you call here, you're going to be helped by friendly people that "know their stuff" and understand the concept of "customer service".

From time to time, we get people that show up at our front door saying "We came from ... and thought we'd stop in to see your store.” After a brief pause, I smile and say: "I'll be glad to give you a tour of the building, but all you will see is an office building and lots of computers". Actually, for security reasons, we don't give tours of our building. Just a reminder, WE DO NOT HAVE A RETAIL STORE. I didn't mean to shout, but I wanted to call attention to it so that you don't get disappointed by driving hundreds of miles just to see my smiling face at the front door.

Well, it's 5:55pm and I normally leave at 6. The phone rings, and it's a customer that just purchased a camera from us, but didn't buy the instruction book. Fortunately for my customer, he's off work and has lots of time to sit back and review every feature of the camera with me. At about 6:55 the customer says “I guess you'll be closing soon, so I'll let you go.” Yes, another satisfied KEH customer.

On behalf of the KEH sales department, I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you, our customers, and the hundreds of dealers around the world that buy from us, and send us their customers to make purchases. If it wasn't for the confidence that you have all shown in KEH, I wouldn't be answering the phones as much, and probably wouldn't have a blog to write these thoughts for. As always, if you would like to make a purchase, and prefer to talk to a “live” person, or if you have any questions about photography in general, feel free to give us a call.

All the best,
Arthur (and the rest of the KEH sales team)