Alan Maxcy's capture is our Top Pic of the Week! 

Alan, captured this amazing photo of the Atlanta Skyline at one of his favorite spots, the Jackson Street Bridge. He used a Fujifilm XT2 and 16mm 1.4 lens along with a Manfrotto Globetrotter tripod to keep his shot steady.  Exposure was a total of 30 seconds. No lights were used in the production of this shoot.

Here's a quick post production tip from Alan-

In photos like this I like to de-saturate any colors that don't add to the photo.  For example:  In this photo there were a few street lights with a green tint.  I felt like any colors that weren't the primary reds, blues and yellows in this photo took away from the colors that I wanted to highlight.

KEH Camera is also located in Atlanta, GA, so this photo resonated with our team greatly. Recently, the wonderful city of Atlanta experienced an unfortunate event. Major highway I-85 caught fire and shortly after collapsed. Graciously, no one was injured due to the fire or collapse. This photo was taken weeks before the tragedy occurred, however, now looking at this photograph has a whole new meaning. What a beautiful reminder of how resilient and beautiful Atlanta is no matter the circumstances! All we can say is...FILA!  ( Forever I Love Atlanta)

Thanks Alan, for allowing us to share this beautiful photo of our city. Alan is a freelance wedding, product and travel photographer located in the Atlanta area.

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