In search of a fun way to display my photography, I recently came across Octo Lights, a US based company with an online portal for the distribution and production of affordable fluorescent light covers.

?You may have seen fluorescent light covers at nails spas, schools, or doctors offices. I first noticed these types of backlit prints while sitting in my dentist’s chair. As I was leaning back, I looked right at a tropical beach scene covering the light fixture above me. I must admit that the image did have a calming effect, and distracted me from the long dreaded checkup. The actual image however, was not an image I would want to purchase myself, but it got my thinking about the light covers and their possibilities.

Octo Lights offers a wide variety of high-resolution images to choose from including waterfalls, astronomy, tree collections, and much more. But the important part here is that you can create custom ones with your own images or logos on it. The fluorescent light covers come in a standard 2 x 4 ft. size and cost $29.99, which makes it easy for photographers to get their own work printed on high quality backlit film without breaking the bank. Being a photographer, I of course chose to have one of my own images printed.
The colors of my image are vibrant, and the high-res image appears to be very sharp and slightly dims the cold, harsh, fluorescent light in my office, which is a welcomed side effect. If you prefer your room to be very bright, then I would suggest going with a high-key image, or one with mostly light colors (such as clouds).
I was impressed by the overall quality of my order, the ease of installation, and excellent customer service, and can therefor highly recommend them for your next alternative printing project.

Contributor Bio: Sylvia Hagar is a full time internet marketing specialist and freelance photographer. You may have seen her photography of mostly tattooed models in local Atlanta tattoo magazines.

Website:, or find her on Facebook.