For those of you who aren't as familiar with ordering off of our website, this post will break down a few of the features that you may have seen (but haven't used), or maybe even didn't notice was there.

1- (The envelope symbol) Click on this icon to directly email a specific product to someone. This is a great feature to use if you're giving someone a hint to let them know what gift you would like, looking out for a product for a friend, or even emailing yourself a reminder of a product.

2- (The printer symbol) Click on this icon to print a copy of the webpage you are viewing. This is a good option for those of you who may prefer to compare items in the "old fashion" hard copy way, print out a reminder of an item for yourself, or print a copy to send to someone (via snail mail).

3- ("Product Specifications") Click on the Adobe PDF symbol to view more information about an item. There may be scans from original product brochures or catalogs here and is a great resource for learning more about an item you're interested in. We currently have over 7,400 files available, but note that if you don't see this icon on a product page, that it means that we don't have a PDF file available for it. You also need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view the files. Learn more about this feature here.

4- (Free Shipping banner) This icon will show up only when there is a "free shipping" promo available to let you know that the item you are looking at qualifies for the current promotion.

5- (Camera symbol/ 360 View) This icon will appear on products that we have 360° views available for. To use the feature, you will want to click on this icon and a separate box will pop-up that will let you virtually turn the product to view (360 degrees) around the item listed. Learn more about this feature here

6- (Letters/ product grade) This is where the grade of the product that is available for sale is listed. Click on the grade to read more about our grading scale and understand the condition that the item is in.

7- (Price) This is the current price of the item you are viewing. If the product has recently been marked down, you may also see a previous price that is crossed through along with the current (reduced) price.

8- (Shopping cart/ "Add to Cart" button) Click on this icon to add the item to your virtual shipping cart/ to purchase this item online.

9- ("Add to Wishlist")- Click on this icon to add the item to a virtual wishlist. We offer this feature so that you can keep track of the items you wish to purchase at a later date. This is a great tool if you're in the middle of researching which items you want to purchase, but have to finish the process at a later time. It's also great when you're debating between a few different items to keep them in your wishlist so that you don't loose track of them within all of our other listings. You must register (or already be a registered user and logged in to the website) to use this feature.

10- (Reviews) This is where you may see a star rating for a product that has been voted on and reviewed by another customer. If there are no reviews, you will see "Be the first to write a review". Click on "write a review" to leave your thoughts on a product that you have purchased for others to see. Let others know if you loved a product and why. These reviews are done solely by customer participation, and really help others when they are trying to make decisions about which items to purchase. It only takes a minute, so please remember to come back to the site and leave reviews for recent products that you have purchased. (You will also need to be registered and logged-in to leave a review, but not to view one)

Ready to see some of these features in action? Go to now.