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Another Way to Import Images Into Lightroom
Directly From Your Card
A second way to import images into Lightroom® is directly from your card. This provides you with many opportunities. You can:
  •  copy and/or move your images onto your computer hard drive
  •  make secondary and back-up copies in locations you choose
  •  apply develop settings
  •  rename files in sets or by series
  •  embed data onto your image, like copyright, creator, date, link to website, and keywords

These options are called File Handling and are found in the right panel, after you have selected importing directly from your card.
In the left panel, select your card device.
Before you click the Import button, look at the right paneland see the File Handling options. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We will break these very important options down so you can use them with skill and ease.
Importing your images directly from your card is a good habit to get into. It is much like taking care of business first. It will also save you time in the long run, especially when you process many images over time. Whether part of any type of business, or if simply posted to the internet, I highly recommend embedding your information on all your images.
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