Sometimes, the best tips are kept under wraps. Well today, we're revealing some of those secret photography tips that some people just don't want you to know about.

1. If you're having trouble with copyright issues and people stealing your images, be sure to put your watermark right through the main subject. This way, nobody can crop it out.

2. Personalize your portraits by adding a glimpse of your subjects favorite hobbies into them.
3. Dealing with a nasty blemish? It's OK to cover it up with something prettier.
4. Add some color into an otherwise plain setup. Offer your clients some colored fruity drink and they will be refreshed, energized, and you'll get that lovely pop of color in a most unexpected place. These tasty sugary drinks are especially great to give to children before photographing them.
5. Need to add some height to a short subject? Forget about that "no pole or tree behind the head rule"! Placing your subject in front of a vertical object can add length to your frame and create the illusion of height.
6. Pale subject? Have them hang upside down for a few minutes to get some color into their face.
7.  Or, try cheek pinching. It works wonders at adding a rosy glow.
8. Whether you're traveling for fun or for work, don't forget to snap some shots while you're driving. You can capture some of your most memorable photos at this time with scenic views that may otherwise pass you by.

9. To avoid the dreaded "red eye" in photos, a little squirt of Visine works much better than the red-eye function on your camera.
PS- KEH and BSC is totally not responsible for anything that may occur while implementing these tips and tricks. Use them at your own discretion. Oh, and happy April Fools Day!