The R16 is a 16mm movie camera produced by Beaulieu, a French based manufacturer of motion picture cameras.  Beaulieu first introduced cameras in the 1950s, and they are primarily known for the production of Super 8 and 16mm hand-held equipment.  Marketed towards advanced amateurs, their goal was to offer high quality SLR style motion picture cameras.  Beaulieu movie cameras feature removable C mount lenses and reflex type viewfinders, which is more uncommon in smaller format movie equipment.         

The R16 was first introduced in 1958, and is a well built, rugged movie camera.  The camera supports speeds from a single frame to 64 frames per second, and is suited for single or double perforated 16mm film.  It is capable of using a 100 ft. film magazine internally, or a 200 ft. "mouse ears" magazine externally.  The R16 can also be used to shoot sync sound, but it has a reputation for being a bit noisy.  This particular listing for the Beaulieu R16 features a Century Tele Athenar 6'' 150mm f2.8 lens.  A great vintage movie camera for amateur, hobbyist and student use!

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