New York City is an interesting place. It’s one of the most photo-diverse locations that I’ve been to. Each neighborhood feels like a different city. You can put 100 photographers on 1 block and everyone will come out with different and unique pictures. This is why I love New York City.

I’ve lived in New York City for three years before I took a year off to travel. When I returned, I was instantly inspired by the buildings, the grass (few and far between), the streets and every other inch of the city.

I’d like to share my top three places to shoot in NYC and how you can find your own style here as well.

#1 Buildings

Look up! See it? The city skyline and street corners are inundated with a unique style of architecture. I must have gone up and down the same street hundreds of times and I notice a new building every time. My advice is to get lost. Walk or travel to a different neighborhood with your camera. Explore the different styles and take note of the different styles that each neighborhood offers.


#2 Nighttime

I must admit, nighttime photography is a relatively new subject to me. When I switched to a full frame sensor, it opened the door to a different style of photography that I could never do before. Look for a combination of bright lights and a composition that is unique. Photography shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down. There are still plenty of hours left for you and your camera. Shoot at sunset and stay into the dark or grab your favorite tripod!

#3 Food

NYC is one of the best places in the entire world to get food. There is something for everyone. Dollar slices, ten dollar slices, hundred dollar slices. Just kidding. But, maybe there are? Aside from all of the pizza, some of the best restaurants offer amazing food here. From tacos to ice cream to salads to fruit creations, you name it and it’s here. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some local restaurants with @Platterz in NYC. Order your favorite plate and sit by a window with plenty of natural light. Bonus points for bringing an external flash and working on filling in the shadows.