I tend to travel quite a bit and, being a photographer, I tend to pack a lot of gear. A few months ago, while planning an urban adventure, I got a wild idea. Maybe I should pick up a small digital camera that would be a good lightweight travel camera? I wasn’t sure where to start, but having used Fuji in the past, I went straight to looking at what they had to offer. I compared a few others - Sony, Ricoh, etc. It didn’t take long to land on the Fujifilm X100 line and become a bit obsessed. Within the X100 line, there are older and newer models than the “T”, but I felt that this one had all of the features I wanted, plus the lower price tag of an “older model”.

I couldn’t stop looking at other peoples photos, photos of the cameras, reading things about them, and just wanted to try one out so bad! KEH Camera seems to know when I’m getting a little dreamy over some piece of gear, and they pop up with a great sale that I just can’t miss. It happened again - a great sale popped up right as I decided that the Fujifilm X100T was the one I wanted.

My new-to-me Fuji arrived very quickly and in fabulous shape (even though it had a “Bargain” rating). KEH always delivers high quality gear, even at the bargain rating, and this was no exception. While I could see signs of use, like the silver wearing near where a strap would rub, it was in really good shape. The camera was fully functional, very clean, and worked like a charm. I took it out on a few strolls around the neighborhood to test things out, and I quickly felt like I had made the right choice with this camera.

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Soon thereafter, it headed to San Francisco with me. I packed light for this trip, just one backpack for three days, and leaving behind my DSLR and medium format cameras was a relief to my back. I wasn’t sure I’d really appreciate being restricted to a 23mm (equivalent to 35mm) f/2 lens, but it turned out to be perfect. 16 megapixels is a good size, too! I didn’t regret leaving my heavy gear back at home, and thoroughly enjoyed this lightweight camera for walking around a big city.

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Over the six months that I’ve owned this camera, it has joined me on many trips and has yet to let me down. The fixed lens is restrictive, but I rarely actually feel restricted. It’s wide enough, yet tight enough, for just about any scenario. The aperture allows for great low light results, too. Here are some other details that have stood out to me:

  • Built In Film Emulation - I still shoot film, so I don’t entirely love these “style” things, but they are fun and really work well in this camera. They include Velvia, Provia, and a unique Classic Chrome (Kodachrome).
  • WiFi Capability - This was a requirement on a camera for me. I want the ability to connect to a phone or tablet, so I can process photos in the field. This camera does this very well with a Fuji app that connects to both my iPhone and iPad.
  • RAW & JPG - This was another requirement - I want to be able to shoot in RAW format. This camera does RAW or JPG, or both at the same time.
  • Battery Life - This is a drawback on this camera, but it is easily resolved. The camera runs through batteries quickly, so I made sure to add some spares to my bag. I carry two spare batteries always, and have two additional spares for longer trips.
  • Quiet - This camera seems almost silent most of the time. The focusing is silent, and the shutter is very quiet. With the electronic shutter, it’s silent. This is a great perk for street photography.
  • USB Charging - This was a big plus for me - it has a port so I can connect a USB charging cord and charge the camera on the go. I can connect it to a battery brick or any USB charger. Very convenient on the road, when there are not outlets available for chargers.
  • Focusing - One of the things I read a lot prior to getting the X100T was that it is a slow focus camera. I was a little worried, but I have not seen this as a problem in my use. It may be slower than my pro DSLR, but that is expected. I have had no issues with the focusing being “too slow”.
  • ISO - The range on this camera is large - it shoots at 100 to 51200 ISO! I’ve never gone above 6400, and it performs well at that speed.
  • Sharpness / Color - For a little “point and shoot”, this camera takes very sharp photos and produces beautiful colors. I’m still surprised by what I get out of this camera sometimes.
  • Fun, Simple Shooting - The camera has many great capabilities, but most often, I appreciate the simple nature of the camera. It’s so easy to use, and really let’s you enjoy what you’re shooting, while capturing great photos at the same time. It’s a fun camera to use!
  • The Look - The X100’s are very good looking cameras. I’ve been asked if I’m shooting film by strangers, which is appropriate for how the camera looks. Retro, sleek, and really nice looking. I love the style.
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If you’d like more detailed specs, feel free to check out the KEH listing here in black and here in silver. 

Overall, this camera is super small and still very intuitive and easy to use. A great option for a “walking around” camera, or for anyone looking to lighten the travel load! I’ve been beyond pleased with the camera itself, and love that I got one in great shape for a great price from KEH!