The Canon EOS Digital Rebel is a great starter camera for shooters that are new to digital photography, SLR cameras or photography in general.  The Digital Rebel features advanced digital capabilities, yet is fun and easy to use.  It is a nice option for students or beginners looking to expand their creativity and skill beyond a point and shoot camera.      

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel features a 6.3 mega pixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC image processor and compatibility with Canon's range of EF lenses.  Other features include automatic and manual controls, a built-in pop up flash with a 3 second recycle time and a 1.8'' LCD screen with playback zooms ranging from 1x to 10x.  The Digital Rebel also has 7 auto focus points, ISO speeds ranging from 100 to 1600 and an array of other features.  A great entry level digital SLR camera! 

Click HERE to view the Canon EOS Digital Rebel on the KEH Camera website.  The Canon EOS Digital Rebel body is currently available in EX+, EX and BGN condition.