A few tips for capturing the beautiful warm tones of the season:

* Use a polarizing filter (we have talked about this filter before for multiple uses and in this case it really helps the color saturation. It reduces haze and makes blue skies bluer resulting in even better contrast between the blue of the sky and the warm tones of the autumn leaves).
* Pay attention to the colors and how they react with the light. During the hours around sunrise and sunset the light is extra special and golden. It adds a nice warm glow to an outdoor scene. You may also want to avoid shooting into the sun since it may wash your photos out and/or use a lens hood.
* Take your white balance off of auto mode and choose the best camera setting for your situation.
* To add extra warmth to your photos, you can also add a warming filter on to your lens (you can do this with digital or film, but is typically used when shooting film).
Other ideas for Autumn shooting:

* Get multiple perspectives- pull back and take a nice landscape shot and then pair it in a diptych with a nice close up or macro shot
* Have fun in fallen leaves while taking portrait shots
* Think outside of the "fall leaves" category. There's plenty of things to take photos of this season. Capture the essence in the food, festivals, clothing, activities, decorations and more.