Gear for the Amateur Travel Photographer

Warmer weather has arrived and travel planning has commenced! Whether you’re traveling to a tropical paradise or a snowy wonderland, it’s important to pack the best gear for what you’re hoping to accomplish. In a couple weeks, one of our very own KEH team members is heading to the beautiful coasts of Italy to soak up the beauty. Just one problem…all she is equipped with is her smartphone.

Smartphones can do wonders in a pinch, though when you’re planning a memorable trip, you really should bring more reliable gear that takes better images under a broader range of conditions. The world is unpredictable. There are few things more disappointing than seeing an amazing sight and not having real optical zoom to capture it properly. At the end of a trip, your photos will likely be the most tangible things you can bring home; they’re the best way to relive the experience - do it right.  Here are a few suggestions for great gear any photography amateur would love to have on their next excursion:



No need for extra baggage. A lightweight mirrorless, like the A6300 is a perfect companion for your travels. With tons of great features, including 4k video, this camera is useful in all weather conditions due to its weather-sealed body. Its fast auto-focus and high speed continuous shooting assures you won’t miss the action while you’re on vacation. Remember a comfortable strap to keep your camera safe and easy to carry.


Depending on what you plan on shooting, you may need a few different lenses to capture different scenery well, but who has room in their luggage for that? Packing just one of the multi-purpose lenses below will save you space and still enable you to take photos you’ll want to share with everyone!

The quality of Carl Zeiss lenses is impeccable. The 16-70mm is a standard lens you want in your travel bag. It’s a compact mid-range zoom lens that provides clarity for all shooting situations. Traveling can get shaky so, the optical SteadyShot image stabilization system works to prevent blurry images.



Another ultra compact standard lens for traveling is the 16-50mm. Its ability to collapse makes it an easy, light piece of gear. The versatility of this lens is great for shooting general scenery. If you plan to capture video, this lens is convenient and includes powered zoom for more creative control.

Lastly , the 55-210 mm. If you plan on snapping a few photos of your friends or family, this is a top-notch, travel-friendly, long zoom lens.

The extra bag full of gear will be worth it once you see the difference in your photos. You don’t have to buy the newest, most expensive equipment to get first-class images. For maximum creativity, remember to pack a steady tripod, filters, and a spare battery! Below you’ll find links to our suggested list of extra goodies to add to your packing list:



If you’ve planned a lot of outdoor activities, a steady tripod will come in handy. The Manfrotto Magfiber is an ideal tripod to support all SLR analog/digital camera equipment (it’s even sturdy enough for medium format cameras and spotting scopes).

Tripod Ball Heads tend to be the most compact way to aim your camera and the Manfortto 494RC2  is and exemplary ball head, it’s sturdy well and well made yet not nearly as costly or heavy as some of the most premium ball head options on the market.


Manfrotto 055 Magfiber

Manfrotto 494RC2 Ball Head

UV Filters

Protect you lens with a filter! UV and clear protective filters act as a barrier that prevents scratches and other calamities from afflicting your expensive optics. UV and Haze filters may also reduce the effects ultraviolet light has on your images.Shop:

49 mm UV Filters

40.5 mm UV Filters

55 mm UV Filters


What a bummer it will be if your camera dies in the middle of a fun travel experience. Whatever camera you decided to take, remember you’ll always need spare batteries. The Sony NP-FW50 Battery is perfect rechargeable battery pack compatible with the Sony A6300. Its power is durable for traveling and extended photo sessions.

Camera Bag

 How are you going to carry your gear? You’ll need a comfortable and reliable bag to keep your gear safe. The Manfrotto Advanced Travel Backpack is equipped with compartments to hold multiple lenses, camera, accessories and even a tripod. Its extra pockets can also carry any personal items you plan to bring along.


Manfrotto Advanced Travel Backpack

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