Congrats to Denys Trofimchuk! His captures are our Top Pics of the Week. Pictured are " Lady Liberty", "Kids", and " Stairway to Heaven".

Lady Liberty

 Irina  is a model, and a lovely friend of mine. When I started shooting film she was one of the first subjects and I always enjoy shooting with her , it's a magical experience.

We went for a short walk in the Battery Park in New York, which overlooks the Statue of Liberty and I thought it would be a cool photo with the statue itself on the background.

Denys shot this photo using his Rollei 35RF with a Russian Jupiter 8 50mm lens, which is one of his go-to lenses. More affordable than TriX, he included his favorite Arista Edu 400 film and developed at home in Adonal 1:25.

 I do not remember any extensive post production other than cleaning the dust and probably adding some contrast. I like by blacks black.


This photo was shot in Madison Square park in New York. My friends and I went there for lunch on weekend and I saw bunch of kids running around and shot probably half a roll - and the one with a kid chasing the pigeons was my favorite.

He shot this using his trusty Rollei 35RF and Minolta Rokkor 40mm.

 Love that lens, great for street photography:)


Stairway to Heaven

It's a subway exit that is close to my job at Diamond District in New York. Every morning, when it's clear, sun shines right into the stairwell, creating silhouettes and halos. I have probably around a dozen of those shots( I started carrying a film rangefinder everywhere since last year and it does pay off).

Denys captured this shot in the early morning, once again using his Rollei 35RF and Minolta Rokkor 40mm including his Arista 400+1 stop pushed and developed in Adonal 1:25.

My main interest is portraiture and street/documentary. I prefer to shoot BW film and for street photography- contrast and grain, that's why I push film one or 2 stops and develop in Adonal 1:25. Usual post production with film is fairly non invasive - removing dust and scratches and adjusting levels. As a general rule, I let my negatives stay undeveloped for couple of weeks or months, so I often forget what I've shot, distancing myself in a way from the image. That helps with perspective a lot.

Thanks, Denys for allowing us to share your beautiful photos. Check out more of his work on his website. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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