9 Cameras For All Skill Levels

Beginner Level

The Canon G7X is a great beginner camera to own. It's super small and compact but remains very powerful. You can get a bit over 20 megapixels out of this camera and it has a decent built-in lens. The built-in WIFI lets you easily transfer photos to your phone and you can do your editing from there.
The Fujifilm X100S is one of my favorite cameras that I don't own. I like the simplistic design and the 23mm f/2 lens. I think it's a perfect size for street photography or an intro intro photography camera. It's not quite the size of a small compact camera and not quite the size of a standard mirrorless camera like the Fuji XT-2 or Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras. It fits somewhere right in the middle! Even better, Fuji does an excellent job with colors. If you're not ready to shoot RAW, the JPGs from this camera are amazing. Although, I suggest always shooting RAW!


The Canon 7D Mark II is a great camera to own. It stands alone as your primary or secondary camera. It's built like a tank and it can withstand a lot of use. It's great for shooting sports and wildlife. Because it's a crop sensor camera, you get the added bonus of extending your focal length!
The Canon 80D is an all-around winner. It's a perfect stills and video camera to own. With this camera, you have an easy barrier to entry into better photos and video after the beginner level cameras.
The original A7R is a great new camera to own. Sony has made a lot of improvements in the A7R II and A7R III cameras, however, the original A7R still holds its value. It has a very high megapixel sensor and mounts existing Sony E-Mount lenses.


The Canon 1DX Mark II will be the only camera you ever need. It's virtually indestructible and will take all the use you can give it. It's weather sealed so you can shoot in all weather conditions. It has an extremely fast burst mode and can do 4k 60p and 1080 120p for video.
The Canon 5D Mark IV is a favorite among photographers of all skill levels. It does everything really well. The dual pixel autofocus is one of the best autofocus systems out there. From all of the features that it has, my favorite is the built-in GPS. I'm a huge fan of geotagging my photos and looking at where I've been on a map.
The Nikon Z7 is brand new! It's very competitive in an already competitive mirrorless camera space. It features a new Nikon Z lens mount and you can adapt your existing Nikon lenses. This camera is especially exciting because some interesting lenses are to be announced from Nikon.
The Sony A9 is at the top of the line up in the Sony Alpha family. The camera’s most impressive feature is the 20fps burst mode with no EVF blackout. This lets you really capture fast moving action. New with the A9 comes Sony's new battery, an updated body and dual SD card slots. The list of features goes on and on!