Selecting the perfect camera bag is an important step in protecting, storing and transporting your photographic gear.   Whether you have a point and shoot, SLR or DSLR, or even a vintage collectible, finding a safe and functional way to protect your investment is essential.  Every photographer has different needs and tastes, but luckily there are many different styles and sizes available that aim to satisfy comfort, convenience and functionality.  We've highlighted a handful of the different types of camera bags below.  Click on the name of the item underneath the photo to go straight to the listing.

Sling packs offer the simplicity of one strap, but the added comfort of a backpack.  They can be found in both compact and larger sizes.

Tenba Vector Photo Daypak 1

Backpacks generally have two straps, and are great for the hiker or the photographer on the go.  This particular bag even has weather resistant options to help combat the perils of shooting outdoors in various environmental conditions.    
f.64 Camera Backpack

Larger backpacks allow you to carry plenty of lenses and accessories, so you won't have to leave behind any essential tools for your outdoor photo adventures.  Backpack cases are oftentimes easier on the body than a shoulder bag, particularly after longer periods of time. 
Crumpler Sporty Guy 1.6 Camera Case

Small point and shoot cases work well to protect your camera, especially when placed in a larger suitcase for travel.  
Rolleiflex 4x4 Gray Baby Hard Case

Great vintage finds like this Rolleiflex case are perfect options for the classic camera lover, especially if a modern bag doesn't quite mesh with an older collectible.      
Tamrac Pro Camera Carrying Case

Shoulder camera bags typically have one strap and open from the top, and they work well for comfort and ease of access.  Adjustable inner partitions are great for customizing the interior as well.

Compact cases like a top loader are great for the light traveler with one camera.  They also have the advantage of a snug fit so the camera doesn't shift around while you're on the move.      

Think Tank Sling-O-Matic 20 Case

This Think Tank bag is a great hybrid between a shoulder and sling bag.  It gives you the option of switching between both so you have can have the best of both worlds.
Hasselblad Leather Compartment Case

This Hasselblad case is a nice combination of functionality and style with a classic leather finish, and divided inner compartment.
Tamrac Pro 8 Camera Carrying Case

Another classic shoulder bag with plenty of room for essential gear and accessories.  It's practical and functional, and a nice all around camera bag.  As found on most bags, pouches and zippered compartments are nice for stowing memory cards and spare batteries as well.