When taking a look at Sigma's newest zoom in their Contemporary lineup, it can't help but draw comparisons to the myriad of other standard-range zoom lenses available. Let's be honest. It doesn't break any new ground.

Heck, some may even accuse Sigma of stepping on their own toes with this one, considering the incredible performance and popularity of their 24-70mm f/2.8 ART lens for both E-mount and L-mount.

There's no lack of options when it comes to finding a zoom or prime that provides sharp, clear images, but many of them are large, heavy and simply unwieldy to use on the front of a compact mirrorless body like Sigma's own fp camera. This lens, however, provides an option for the shooter who's looking for something a little more travel-friendly.

Optically, the 28-70mm doesn't disappoint. On the more extreme ends of the zoom range, those with perceptive eyes may notice some pincushion or barrel distortion when photographing brick walls head-on, but in everyday use, you'll barely notice these flaws.

With a rounded, 9-bladed aperture that opens up to f/2.8 for the entirety of the focal length range, this makes a great upgrade from the Sony 28-70 f/3.5-5.6. Providing these stats while maintaining a high level of portability does come at a small cost, in the form of a 4mm loss on the wide end of the zoom when compared to other 24-70mm f/2.8 flagship lenses.

In most cases, this 4mm loss won't ruin your day, provided you can take a step or two backward from your original shooting location. The zoom range is perfect for an everyday carry-around lens, giving enough versatility for both landscapes and portraits.

Functionally, the lens focuses quickly and feels nice in the hand with responsive, tactile controls. It is significantly lighter and more compact than many other options with similar specs, which make the lens a great choice for shooters looking to upgrade from a bundled kit lens.

It's also a smart option for travel photographers and bloggers, providing all the performance you'd want in a package that won't weigh down your camera bag and won't empty out your wallet.

See image samples and learn more in the hands-on video below.

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