It's been "tip week", and we've been bringing you one creative shooting tip a day. This is the final one for the week. Hope they've been helpful!

Tip 5: Get another perspective. Go out shooting one day with a non-photographer- a friend, a spouse, a child. Come back and compare images. See what they saw that you didn't. It may be a helpful reminder to slow down, pay more attention to the details, frame something more creatively, etc. 

(Here, my husband and I were on a road trip and shooting in a "deserted town". I, the photographer, was so busy trying to get pictures of so many things, I snapped a photo of this church and moved along to something else without taking my time to actually take a good picture. My husband, who's a welder, wasn't interested in creatively framing the church, but ended up doing so. He was in fact taking his time to get pictures of the iron work, and in turn framed the church in a much more interesting manner. It reminded me that even though I wanted to document as much of our trip as possible, if I wanted good photographs, I needed to slow down and make them.)