The Century Graphic is a "baby" press camera made by Graflex of Rochester, NY.  From 1912 to 1973, Graflex produced large and medium format press cameras in 2.25x3.25 to 4x5 film formats.  The Century Graphic was introduced in approximately 1949, and is a miniature version of the Pacemaker Crown Graphic (same basic features, but no body release).    

The Century Graphic has a mahoganite case, which is a durable type of bakelite plastic.  This contributes to the compact and lightweight (approximately 4.4 lbs) nature of the camera, and also offers protection from adverse weather conditions.  The camera has no rear movements, but does have rise, shift and backwards/forwards tilt capabilities.  The Century Graphic has two viewfinders; one a frame viewfinder; and the other a parallax corrected eye level optical finder.

The Century Graphic also features a removable lens board, which allows the use of other lenses.  It has a non-removable, molded Graflok back that is compatible with sheet, roll or pack (obsolete) film.  This particular Century Graphic is paired with a 103mm Graflex Graftar f4.5 lens.  When folded, the camera is approximately 5.75'' wide, 6.75'' in height and 3.25'' deep.  The compact size coupled with the lightweight nature of the mahoganite case make it a great portable camera.  It sports a gray finish with handsome red bellows.  A nice vintage "baby" press camera!      

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