Help-Portrait is "a global movement of photographers using their time, gear, and expertise to give back to those in need". It's about volunteers coming together to give, not to take pictures of those who are less fortunate.

The plan is for photographers on (or around) December 4th to find someone in need, take their picture, make a print, and deliver it. The community also states, "And by the way, we don’t want to see your photos. This is about GIVING the pictures, not taking them. These portraits are not for your portfolio, website, or for sale. Money isn’t involved here. This holiday season, you have the chance to give a family something they may have never had before—a portrait together."

So, who needs pictures? The homeless, orphans, single parents and their kids, sick children or parents, the elderly, army vets, underprivileged families, or anyone that normally wouldn't have access to or be able to afford professional photography.

Participants are located world-wide, and there's plenty of volunteer opportunities for people other than photographers as well.

One of our blog contributors who is involved with Help-Portrait had this to say:

"We worked with Help-Portrait last year by providing a service to a few families who were out of work. This year, we are planning a much bigger day and are narrowing down the organization we want to photograph. The reason we use Help-Portrait and other charitable organizations like it is for the opportunity to serve and give back to the community. I like Help-Portrait because the concept allows the photographer to find the cause big or small he/she wants to get involved with and provide services. Service in any capacity helps both the giver and receiver and lifts our spirits giving each of us hope and an extended capacity of love. Sharing your time, talents and expertise will benefit the receiver in ways you may never see. Don't forget to get others involved too like your children, friends and neighbors. Many people have a hard time initiating or asking others if they can help, but would love to be a part of something if they were asked. By involving your friends and family, you can teach them the importance of service to others which is an invaluable lesson. Think of friends in the community that have a complimentary business that can serve with you like hairstylist, make-up artist, lab tech, etc. and don't be shy in asking them to donate their time and expertise too!" -Patrick Douglas

For more information, visit their website at:

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