This holiday season, incorporate some of your favorite photos and photographic related items into your decorating, gifting, crafts, and holiday parties!

Photo Snow Globes (tutorial), by: Gabrielle Blair
Photo Strip Garland (tutorial), by: Shelley Haganman 
Felt Polaroid Ornaments (tutorial), by: Katie Haddox
Film Canister Lights
Film Canister Xmas Lights, photo by: Dan Pope, lights by: Sarah Macfarlane
Candlestick Photo Holders, by: Brittany of One Charming Party

Other Ideas:

* Photo gift tags
* Holiday craft ideas from Kodak
* A photo (metal) star
* Photo ornaments (balls)
* Christmas tree photo cards
* Photo lanterns
* Gift wrapping with photo toppers
* Fork place-card/photo card holders
* Use flashbulbs for wintery decor
* Wrap your packages with film bows, camera straps, and more
* Other photo party supplies  
* Set up a holiday party photo booth