Sometimes photographers can fall into a routine. We naturally begin to lean into taking photos of the same kinds of subjects using the same kinds of lenses. The instinct of many creatives is to isolate oneself in order to promote precisely dialed-in brainstorming sessions and creativity without any outside influence. It may surprise you, then, to hear that one of the best ways to spark some creative inspiration is to look outside your typical day-to-day circle.

Introverts vs. The World

It may sound like a big endeavor if you're more of a stay-at-home person, but heading outside of your field of photography and interacting with other creative minds can be just what you need to spark your enthusiasm. Getting some fresh perspective is vital for the development of ideas, and joining a club or artistic community can be incredibly important when it comes to developing a support system, be it financial or emotional. This is true not only for photographers but for all artists, illustrators, crafters and creators. When creative minds come together and are given the space to be inspired, something amazing happens and an electric kind of synergy begins. By banding together, a creative community allows artists to build off of each other's strengths and inspire one another. It can drive passion and purpose to hear stories of professional artists' struggles and accomplishments. Inspiration comes from being challenged—be it from constructive criticism or positive reinforcement that a creative idea is unique and worth developing.


KEH is a company that believes in the power and importance of community, especially in the creative world. We are incredibly proud to be able to sponsor the local Atlanta chapter of a monthly global meetup called CreativeMornings. Every month, free of charge, both local and global sponsors and volunteers collaborate to provide attendees with a morning of locally-sourced coffee, breakfast, and a themed lecture by a featured guest. According to the CreativeMornings manifesto, "Everyone is creative" and "Everyone is welcome." The monthly talks are open to all who register within the monthly deadline, but they fill up fast. If you're looking for an even more hands-on event, they also hold additional meetups called FieldTrips where attendees can step outside their creative zone by taking place in a food photography workshop, block printing and calligraphy demonstration, or graphic design classes.

Be An Inspiration

Sharing your ideas and works with other artistic-minded people can provide you with a boost of confidence and validation. Isn't it more fun to show your images to people than to simply lock them away in a drawer where no one can see? It's possible your pictures or concepts will be enough to spark somebody else's creative instincts. That's how it works in the great circle of creativity. Inspiration and unique ideas are contagious. Sometimes the best way to find them is by grabbing a cup of coffee with some friends and listening to another creative mind tell their own story of how they were inspired—likely by another creative mind.