One of the unique features of some large format cameras is that they are beautifully crafted out of a variety of woods. For someone who isn't very familiar with the different types, this guide will help you in identifying the different wood options. (Keep in mind that colors, shades/tints, and wood grain can all vary within one wood type, but this is a pretty good general representation of the woods.)

Cherry: A slightly yellowish wood, sometimes with pink tones. Color becomes darkened by sun or time. Used in both 4x5 Wista Field and Zone VI Classic cameras.
Mahogany: A reddish brown. Used in Zone VI Classic cameras.

Rosewood: A rich reddish brown. Often confused with Mahogany but will have black or white rings in the wood grain. Usually richer, redder, and darker than most mahogany samples. Used in 4x5 Wista Filed cameras.
Walnut: A traditional brown. Used in Zone VI Classic cameras.

Ebony: A darker brown, often smoky or blackish. Used in 4x5 Zone VI cameras.