Summer may be gone, but the season has arrived for sweaters and warm apple cider! Crunchy leaves underfoot and those gorgeous autumn colors on the trees call out to every photographer's adventurous spirit.

Okay, maybe not every photographer.

For those of you who delight at the thought of fall sounds, smells and sights, here's a collection of some of our favorite articles from the past to celebrate and prepare for a photography-filled season.


Now that temperatures are cooling off, it seems like the perfect time to spend some of it outside. If the summer months were a bit too warm for you to spend searching for wildlife, now is your chance. Not to mention, most wildlife is more active in the fall, looking for their stock of food for the oncoming colder months. Grab a telephoto lens, find the perfect spot to see some birds, deer or anybody else bulking up for the winter, and let's see some wildlife.

Intro To Telephoto Lenses For Wildlife Photography
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Leaves & Landscapes

If birds and other animals are a bit too elusive for you, or those telephoto lenses are outside of your price range, maybe it's time to consider shooting some wide landscape photos. After all, you can't catch these vibrant red and orange leaf colors all year round.

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If you're not a seasoned nature photographer, try these tips to capture the beautiful, warm tones of the season. Use a polarizing filter. This reduces haze in your images and can make blue skies appear bluer to create a strong contrast between a blue sky and warm autumn leaves.

Pay attention to the colors and how they react with the sunlight. During morning and evening, the golden light of the sunrise or sunset will add a gorgeous glow to your outdoor scenes.

If you're shooting digitally, change your white balance so that it's not on AUTO mode. This way, you can bring out the correct tones without the camera overcompensating. You can also try adding a warming filter on the front of your lens if you're shooting film.

Try some alternate perspectives! Pair a wide landscape shot with a close-up or macro shot of the same tree's leaf detail for a gorgeous diptych. Think outside of the box and capture the essence of the season in the food, clothes, activities or decorations.


It's also getting to be that time of year when the requests start coming in for family portraits. This year may be different than years past, but the basics stay the same.

Holiday card photos make a great gift that friends and family will treasure for years to come. Here are a couple of Spotlight Blog favorites from years past on how to get awesome seasonal portraits.

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Whatever your fancy, there's plenty of photography projects to try in the changing of seasons. Heck, even we at KEH changed our colors this year. Find all the stuff you love with a new look at

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