This year, we made it our resolution to simplify the way you buy and sell used camera gear online… and we’re excited to say that the day is finally here! It’s been many months in the making, and we’re grateful for the feedback so many of you have taken the time to provide along the way.

So, first things first, thank you!

Thank you for your business, your input and your patience with us as we continue to work on making the shopping and selling experience with KEH Camera one you’ll love.

The Official Launch of the New KEH Camera Website


“Why a new website?” This is a question many of you have asked us.

We know there have been a handful of changes with our website in the last few years—some of which you’ve liked, some of which you haven’t. So, we want you to know we’ve been listening and working hard behind the scenes to capture your likes and dislikes in order to act on them.

We’re proud to say we’ve been in business for over 35 years. Every day, we continue to strive to provide the same levels of value, quality and service that we have since we started this company in 1979. In order to do so, sometimes it’s necessary for us to update systems and platforms. This helps us keep things running smoothly and allows us to prepare for whatever the future holds.

As photographers, you all know how quickly technology changes. There’s always a new version or upgrade coming—and we want to make sure we’re able to keep up!

Our goal with the new website is to provide our customers an improved and consistent online shopping experience on, so here’s a look at what’s changed:

Same Experience No Matter the Screen

Our website is now fully responsive and optimized for every screen! From desktop to tablet to mobile, you’ll find it easy to browse for your next camera or sell your old gear no matter your device.

Seamless Checkout

We’ve taken the hassle out of buying camera gear! With our easy-to-use one-page checkout, you can review and edit your cart before quickly checking out.

Intuitive Search

We’ve added new search filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in less time! Filter your results by brand, grade, format, price and so many more options to help you find the best camera for your needs.

More Navigation Options

We’ve expanded our navigation, so it takes fewer clicks to find and browse specific departments or categories directly from any page! Just hover on desktop or click the Shop button on mobile for a wide range of options.

New Product Pages

Now you’ll find more product specifications and details, images and a better representation of product grades to help you decide how and what to buy directly from the product page.

Quick Customer Service

Our improved chat feature puts you directly in touch with KEH’s expert customer service representatives, so don’t be afraid to ask us questions about specific products or let us know if you need help during any part of your buying or selling experience!

Simplified Sell Gear Process

Looking to sell your gear? Once you hit the Sell button, we’ll drop you straight into the Instant Quote process. From there, you have multiple ways to add items to your Quote Basket via Search or Find by Product Type. It’s a quick and painless process to put you well on your way to getting cash for your gear!

New Year, New Site

We hope you’re just as excited about our new website as we are! As with anything new, we know it takes a little time to adjust. Take your time getting familiar with all the new features, and know we’re here to help if you need us.

The systems we’re implementing now will make things better for our customers and easier to improve in the future. Good things are heading your way—and our new website just so happens to be the start!

Are there any features you wish to see in the future? We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to improve your experience!