Introduction to Lightroom


Adobe® Lightroom® is a great workflow tool for photographers with large amounts of images they need to process.

There are many reasons that answer the ‘Why Lightroom?’ question. Here are a few of the important ones: Lightroom is excellent for it’s ability to help you navigate and make changes to images quickly. Lightroom provides organization for your images unlike any other tool. Lightroom allows you to make edits and changes to one image or to a huge group of images simultaneously. Lightroom keeps track of your adjustment formula, without changing anything on the original image. And this is just the beginning of capabilities.

Getting Started

was made available in June 2013. To find the most current version of the software visit

Trial Period

Lightroom is available for a 30-day free trial period. I highly recommend starting this way. Make this your time to get familiar and comfortable. You can download this trial version here:

Individual Purchase

Another option is individual purchase. You have several versions available to meet your needs, ranging from about $50 on up. Do a search via internet, or Adobe sells Lightroom here:

Creative Cloud

Option three has near-unlimited creative potential. You can purchase a monthly membership to Adobe Creative CloudTM, which gives you opportunity to download and use any and every current Adobe program out there, including Lightroom. If you are a serious creative, this could be just right for you. Find Adobe Creative CloudTM here:

Adobe®, Lightroom®, and Adobe Creative CloudTM are registered Trademarks of Adobe®


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