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Introduction to the Bottom Tool Bar in Lightroom
The Bottom Tool Bar
At the bottom of the center panel, you will find the bottom tool bar. The tools here are grid view, loupe view, check all, uncheck all, Include in Import, Zoom, and Thumbnail (size). Here is what your Lightroom workspace might look like. The grid view tool is pointed out below.

Grid View and Loupe View
The tool panel along the bottom gives you two ways to view the images: grid view (all images in small slide form) or loupe view (one image at a time.)

Selecting Images In Grid View
While in grid view, you can choose to check or uncheck all.

Selecting Images In Loupe View
If you are in loupe view, you can choose to check or uncheck that image only. See Include in Import below.

Zooming and Adjusting Thumbnail Size
On the right-hand side of the bottom toolbar is a handy Zoom Fit slider bar.
If you are in loupe view, this is what you will see:

If you are in grid view, you can adjust the image Thumbnail size by sliding the bar.

Get to know the bottom tool bar and use it often!

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