Post 14
Series: Introduction to Adobe Lightroom®
Diving Into the Creative
We are finished exploring the Lightroom Library for now. Today we get to start talking about the Develop module.
Admiring Your New Tools
When you click on the Develop button on the top right side of Lightroom, your panels change.

On your left panel you see:
1. Navigator
2. Presets
3. Snapshots
4. History
5. Collections, and
6. Copy and Paste buttons
These sections for are for previewing, saving, and selecting changes you’ve made to a photo.
On your right panel you will see:
A.    Histogram
B.    Basic
C.   Tone Curve
Keep scrolling.
D.    HSL/Color/B&W
E.    Split Toning
F.     Detail
… and scrolling …  and scrolling …
G.   Lens Correction
H.    Effects
I.      Camera Calibration, and
J.     Sync and Reset buttons
To open or close each of these sections, click on the arrow to the right side of each label.
Snooping Around the Gallery
Notice underneath the center panel the “Soft Proofing” option. More on this helpful tool in a future post...
In the bottom left of the Gallery is a rectangle with a “1” in it. This tool is a quick link to the main window viewing options. Click on the little arrow and you will see these options.

Next to the main window viewing options is another rectangle with a “2” in it. This is a second window option. Click on it and have double the Lightroom workability.

Next to the 1 and 2 rectangles are four squares denoting Grid View of your images, the back and forward buttons, and file/collection/image information.

(Click on this image for larger view.)

On the right, above the Gallery are these filter options:

Ready, Set …
Next post: The Histogram, The Basic Section, and Cool Thing-a-ma-bobs
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