Tribeca Grind

Congrats to Jason D. Little! His captures are our Top Pics of the Week! Pictured are 3 street photos taken at the Tribeca Dreams Photo Walk.

The Tribeca Dreams Photo Walk is an annual gathering of photographers who come together to explore NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood in celebration of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Using only natural light, Jason captured these shots using his Fujifilm X-T1 and Fujifilm 35mm f/2  on a partly cloudy afternoon in NYC. These shots were taken beneath the Staple Street skybridge in Tribeca. No triopd was used in the production of these shots, however when he does use tripods his go-to is the MeFoto Road Trip.

It’s light and compact enough to carry around the city without regretting giving into the urge to take long exposure/night shots.

Tribeca Fresh


As we walked through Tribeca we would make stops at locations along the way that provided unique photo opportunities. Luckily, there were a handful of models among the small pack of photographers. I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine one of the photographers happily volunteering to spend her/his time in front of the camera rather than behind it. Each of the models I had the opportunity to photograph exuded a unique energy and presence that complemented the Tribeca backdrop perfectly.


Tribeca Dreamers

I don’t like to spend more time than necessary in post. I get in, I get out. The bulk of my work is in black and white and I’m a huge fan of Silver Efex Pro 2 for doing all my monochrome work. Otherwise, it’s just the basic stuff — a bit of sharpening, contrast, clarity, minor retouching for “glamour” shots, cropping if I don’t nail it in camera

Thank you, Jason for allowing us to feature these authentic photographs. Check out more of his work here : J. Devaun Photography and follow him on Instagram and Facebook to check out more of his street photography.

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