Congrats to Jason K. Thompson for being our Top Pic of the Week! Read more about the production of his photos.

Hello everyone my name is Jason K. Thompson. I'm a freelance photographer based in and around the Philadelphia area! I mostly do portrait work with a lot of Philly living "models". I branch out a lot from portraits to do landscapes of the area to showcase the beauty of Philly. The photos that I brought to you today are my top favorites!

"Pyramid Club" 

Pyramid Club is my favorite building piece that I shot for my portfolio. I gain access to rooftops occasionally so it makes it easier to get those high rise shots! I wanted to show how beautiful the architecture in Philly was by taking this beautiful rooftop photo. I used a Canon 7d Mark II with a Canon 24-70mm USM L lens. Editing is a breeze for me especially when the photo itself is already beautiful. I added a little dramatic lighting so that the buildings would stand out more. The trick with buildings is to find where the light is coming from, either behind or in front! When you pin point that it's easier to create better lighting in the editing process.

"Eyes That Kill " 

Eyes That Kill  are my top portraits that I shot with some friends of mine. I love to shoot split lighting portraits with multicolored lights. The vibrancy of the colors mixed with the black background creates a menacing, almost dark feel to the portrait. Dark styled photography comes easy to me with my creative side. Most of portfolio are such images. Lightroom mixed with Photoshop gives me the opportunity to contour and sharpen facial features. With these facial features you create an emotion piece! My portraits are all about mood. I want the viewer to feel something when they look into the eyes of the subject in the photograph. I shot the photos with a Canon 6d, paired with the Canon 24-70mm USM L lens! This pairing is my top that I use for portraits. I used two Westcott lights with multicolor bulbs to create the purple, red, and blue haze.

I primary shoot all my photos in Philadelphia. When my work is brought out of the city I tend to do mostly wedding/engagement photos. I'm lucky enough to have friends with studio settings to help me with my creative process. Photography has been a big part of my life since I was young. I plan to take this journey to its highest potential! Big thanks to KEH for featuring me, it means a lot to be showcased by such a good company. Purchased all of my lenses, camera body's, and my filters from this company over the past few years! Helped me be able to keep on shooting.

It's all about the mood!

Thanks Jason, for allowing us to feature this amazing, edgy photos. For more photographs, check out his Instagram.

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