The judging has been completed for the 1st annual KEH Photography Calendar Contest! We had three different industry professionals as judges, each with different personal tastes and favorites. Today we wanted to share a few of their favorite images, along with some comments that they made about the work. 

Top two images with the most votes are:

Cone Shaped Trees 2, by: Nora Vrublevska. Taken with a Hasselblad 500cm on Fuji Neopan Acros film. 

The Fair, by: Mollie Clark. Digital image.

Judges Favorites: (you can read more about our guest judges here.)

Brett Abbott-

High Noon at Midnight, by: Greg Zauswoz.  
Judge comment: I was attracted to the serenity and mystery evoked by this moonlit nightscape.  The array of texture brought out by the play of light across various surfaces - grass, thick foliage, leafless branches, and clouds – makes for a rich and subtly fulfilling composition.

Four, by: Michael Reese. Medium Format 6x6 Tri-X 400. 
Judge comment: I enjoyed the blending of still life and landscape genres in this evocative and quizzical picture.  The introduction of a fly to the scene adds an attractive element of instability to an otherwise highly structured composition. 

Will Crockett-

Untitled, by: Andrew Burgh. Shot with a Hasselblad 500c on Kodak Portra 160nc film.
Judge comment: This image really captures not only a moment, but a feeling that comes across the second I look at it.  It's simple, and complicated at the same time and it encourages my mind to wonder about the people who go there, what happens there, and what it's like to be there.  Using the split frame with a vignette on each half makes it into an intriguing layout of two halves from one moment.  Well done.
Antique, by: Chris Brooks.  Shot with a Canon EOS Elan w/50 f1.8 lens. 
Judge comment: Ok, I'm a sucker for any image that is patriotic or shows the American flag.  With that aside, I think the textures in this image really tell a story that I am interested in hearing. The weather-worn century old siding on the house and the wonderful windows setup the scene for one little pop of color and the flag does it.  This photo makes me want to talk to the person who lives here and ask about the house, the decor on the wall, and who that person is that lives like this.  It's fascinating and I would like to be there.  That's the power of a good photo for me - drawing me into it to want more. Great shot!

Gary Bogdon- 
Union Station Concourse, by: Randy deKleine-Stimpson. Shot on a 1956 YashicaFlex TLR w/ Ilford
XP2 120 film.
Judge comment: I narrowed down my choices to my Top 15, and although it was very difficult to narrow them down, my eyes kept bringing me back to this black / white image of the hustle and bustle of what looks like ( not sure exactly since there were no captions for judges) a train station terminal or possibly an airport. I love the slow shutter speed that was used to capture the motion of the people busy hustling about to their destinations, and I also like that it was shot back-lit, but not a total silhouette, where I can still see some detail in the people as well as the highlights along the walls and floors.  As a photojournalist myself and a former newspaper photojournalist, I love the simplicity of the photo, but also that there are many things going on in the image as well, and it makes you as a reader and viewer of the photo want to know more.  It reminds me of the style of the great Henri Cartier-Bresson and some of the works back in the days of Life Magazine.  I really enjoy looking at this photograph, and it's executed very well. It captures a moment in time, which is what photojournalism is all about.
 Fire, by: Hayley Warner. From the series Contemporary Carnie.

Judge comment: Well, I have always been a fan of the circus and any performers (whether they are in the circus or just street performers) that can use 'fire' as their means of entertaining.  This photo (which looks like the only light that was used was the natural light coming from the fire) has a sense of tension and wonder in, it all wrapped up.  I really like how the photo was composed, and the lighting (natural from the flames) that was used. I can't help but wonder how many times the performer was burned before he perfected this stunt.  Great picture and very well executed. I would like to see more photographs of what this performer can do with fire.

* Other photographs that won over the judges and will be included in the 2012 KEH Photography calendar include work from: Geza Darrah, Rachel Carrier, Rebecca Gutwin, Rian Satterwhite, Otto Kitchens, Jose Morales, and John Prince (we will be posting some of these entries at a later date).

* A huge "thanks" to our guest judges and to everyone who submitted their work! The calendar will be coming out later this year and we will be sure to let you know once it's out and where you can get one!