There are certain questions that get asked on a regular basis and/or often get searched for on the web about KEH. So today, we're answering the most frequently asked questions for you...

Does KEH have a retail/showroom location?

Does KEH do equipment rental?

What are "grab boxes"?
"Grab Boxes" have a variety of miscellaneous items inside the box based on that particular brand class. So for example, if there's an "eye cup grab box", then there would be a random selection of different eye cups included in one box. There is no specific details about what cameras the eye cups go to (unless otherwise stated in the description, like "Canon eye cup grab box").

Does KEH include batteries?
Batteries are not included with the purchase of items like camera bodies, meters, motor drives, and flashes. The reason is, even though most of our stock moves quickly, batteries can corrode at any time, and possibly before an item sells. The result is then a defective and messy item. The only exception is for digital cameras that specify in the descriptions that is comes with a battery and charger.

Why if KEH has a repair department are you selling items AI or with broken exceptions (such as broken eyepiece, etc.)?... What is AI?
AI is our "as-is" category which includes items that are sold with broken or missing parts, or that may be untested. These items are not sold with any accessories, are not covered by KEH's warranty, and are not eligible for returns. People will often buy items in AI to fix themselves or to use for parts.

Items are sold in AI or with broken exceptions because some parts are no longer available on older equipment. When selling equipment that covers a time span of  60 years or longer, all parts cannot be found. Another reason some repairs may not be made is that the cost of repair (parts and labor) is more then the camera or accessory is worth.

Update:  As of 2012 we have discontinued the AI (as is) category.

What is KEH's warranty?
All of KEH's used equipment is sold with a 6 month, non-transferable parts and labor warranty (except for AI equipment). We do offer an additional 2 year warranty through MACK ( a third party warranty repair facility). A 2 year MACK warranty can be purchased for these items as well. NEW items come with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor from the manufacturer. An additional 2 years can be added through MACK for new products as well.

What is "non US"?
The term "non US" may appear in some of our descriptions. This term relates to it's original origin of sale. When an item is sold new, under warranty it must be repaired in it's area of origin. An example would be Europe. If it was sold new in that area, it must be repaired in that area. When the item is sold used, then that no longer applies except when it comes to sending a repair to the manufacturer. Nikon or Canon will not repair a "non US" camera, but KEH will.

What is "non-mfg"?
Non-mfg stands for non-manufacturer. Lenses under these categories would be for a specific mount, but made by another company. For example, a non-mfg lens under the Canon category would be a lens made by Tokina, Tamron, Sigma, etc. and not a Canon brand lens.

What do the abbreviations in the product descriptions mean?
A full list of the abbreviations we use can be found in our catalog, or on the blog here.

What services does KEH Repair Center offer?
KEH Repair facility repairs all makes and models including 35mm, medium format, large format, and digital cameras, lenses, and accessories (there are exceptions like Quantum Batteries and Studio Lighting). The repair center also offers cleaning and preventative maintenance on equipment. The most accurate way to see if a particular model will be repaired is to call us at 770-333-4210. We have factory trained technicians, state of the art test equipment, free estimates, and free return ground shipping.

What is the turnaround time for repairs?
Turnaround time for KEH repairs is typically 2-3 weeks from the date of approval and pending parts availability. (Most nationally recognized dealers average approximately two months). Rush services are also available.

Has the ownership of KEH changed?
No. KEH has had only one owner since the company was started in the late 1970's.
Where did the name KEH come from?
K. E. and H. are the initials of the owners children.

Does KEH have coupons?
Sort of. We already have great low prices, but sometimes we do run special promotions with discounts on certain brands or class categories, or free shipping. These are announced here on the blog and the social media sites, and through our email list and are automatically applied on web orders. We do not however have coupon codes.

Is the "KEH Outlet" on eBay operated by you?
Yes. You can find our eBay store here.

How long do in-transit items take?
"In Transit" items can take up to a month to get in-house and into the system. This time varies depending on where the items are coming from and our current production time. Keep in mind that we have new inventory everyday and not all items show as "In Transit". You might want to check back often if you need a specific item, as our inventory is updated at the end of every business day. "In transit" items can be found from the home page of KEH Camera under "back-in-stock". Since the item has not been tested yet, there is no grade, price, or specifics, but you can request an automatic email to be sent to your address when the item becomes available for sale.

Update:  As of 2012 we have discontinued the automatic email notification for in transit items.  Our programmers are currently working on an upgraded system to allow for more accurate & efficient results.

How long does a purchasing quote take?
A quote takes approximately 5 business days from the time it is received in Purchasing to the time an offer is made to the customer.

Does KEH check their equipment?
Definitely. All of the equipment sold by KEH is cleaned and tested by someone in the Tech Support department. All equipment is fully operational regardless of cosmetic condition (unless otherwise stated in the description, such as items that are marked "untested" or INOP). You can read more about our grading and checking system here.

What is the delivery time on orders?
When an item is purchased from KEH, the amount of time it takes for an order to be delivered depends on what shipping method the customer chooses. Below is the order delivery information based on shipping method chosen. Upon verification and approval of your payment method all orders are shipped Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, as follows:

Ground - Orders will ship within 1-3 business days* after receipt of order.
2nd Day Air - Orders received by 2pm EST will ship the same business day. Orders received after 2pm EST will ship the next business day.
Next Day Air - Orders received by 2pm EST will ship the same business day. Orders received after 2pm EST will ship the next business day.
Saturday Delivery - Order received by 2pm EST Friday will ship the same business day. Orders received after this time will ship Next Day Air on the following Monday.
International FedEx and UPS - Orders will ship within 1-3 days after receipt of order.
Mail Orders - Orders will ship within 1-2 weeks.
* KEH ships orders Monday through Friday.
* Business days are Monday through Friday.
* Please note that there may be a delay in shipping due to verification of first time orders.