Most of us already know what type of camera gear we want for the holidays this year, and asking for, or purchasing a specific camera or lens is pretty easy. But what about when you want to get a surprise gift for another photo friend or family member? Well here are a few ideas for just that.

For any photographer (basic accessories)-

A Tripod
Pictured: Sunpak Pro 423px
A Flash Accessory
Pictured: Lumiquest Pocket Bounce

A (hand-held) Light Meter

Pictured: Sekonic L-508 Zoom Master

For the (beginning) camera collector-

Vintage Polaroid Camera
Pictured: SX-70 (a classic!)

Vintage Movie Camera

Pictured: Bolex 8mm P2 Zoom

For fun-

Novelty Camera
Pictured: Mick-A-Matic (also a good collectors item!)

Boutique Items
Pictured: Minolta Belt Buckle
Novelty Lens
Pictured: Lensbaby 3G (camera mount specific)
For the traveler-

Panoramic Camera

Pictured: Noblex 135 U

Pocket Size Video Camera
Pictured: Flip Video Camera
Camera Bag
Pictured: Tamrac 3444 Rally

Great stocking stuffers for anyone-

2012 Photo Calendar
Pictured: KEH 2012 Photography Wall Calendar
KEH Camera Gift Certificates
* Call our sales department to order one today- 770-333-4200