Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We're moving right along again and have some exciting things in store for you. For this months "roundups" post, we have the usual categories, plus we've added a bunch of links to our "best of 2010" posts. I know many of you haven't been reading with us since we started the blog last January, so this gives you the opportunity to go back and check out some of our very best and readers favorites.

We truly hope that you have been enjoying our site and have been learning some new things along the way. We're planning on doing a little virtual expanding here this year, and hope that you'll stick with us, spread the word, and communicate back to us. We're always open to suggestions, so don't be shy... if you'd like to see an article written on a specific topic, let us know and we'll do our best to make that happen. We're here because of you and for you! The last thing I have to say before we move on, is a huge "thanks" to everyone who has/will read this site, follow it, link to it, contribute to it, leave comments and suggestions, and just plain like and appreciate it.

Must see posts December:
* Repurposing vintage flashbulbs
* Gift wrapping with photo items
* Leica Freedom Train
Video tips
Shaped bokeh

January post preview:
Backing up your data, vintage magazine covers for winter, New Years photo resolutions, tips for shooting snow, a note on shutter actuations, infrared portraits, a new series debuts, more of your favorite products, tips, and links, and our 1-year blogiversay (with giveaways!).

Best of 2010

Most popular:
* Showing Their Love Permanent Style* Camera Killers- dust and fungus
* Keeping Things Clean
* Machine gun camera
* Photo Charities
* Flashbulbs and gift wrapping (see above, December)
* Vintage ads
* Camera guessing game

Best tips, learning, and most important company related info:
* Our grading and checking system
* PDFs on Website
* Light Meters
* Macro Options
* Memory cards tips and updated info. on new memory cards
* The Periodic Table and Photography* Crop Factor
* Digital Lens Compatibility pt. 1, 2, 3
* Troubleshooting light leaks
* Choosing the right lens
* Tips for quicker returns and exchanges
* Reasons to buy used
* Gear theft and damage tips
* If you drop your camera into water
* Tips for selling us your gear

Most fun:
* Tripod lamp- DIY
* Word Search
* Create a filter
* Camera robots
* Repurposing: old lens cases and large format film holders

Best "other":
* Brief history + old photos
* A Techs Tools* The Path of Equipment

PS- We have also added 3 new "topic quick links" over on the right sidebar- Cameras, Lenses, and Lighting... for easy topic searches and browsing!