Over the past couple of years we have made many changes in an effort to be a more environmentally friendly business. Here are some of the things we're doing:

•    Sell refurbished and (re)used gear by buying and selling used camera equipment
•    We recycle our batteries
•    Have eliminated international print catalogs in exchange for online PDFs, and have reduced how many print catalogs we put out a year
•    Recycle every-day items around the building such as paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, etc. (there are multiple recycling bins throughout our building)
•    Exchanged packing peanuts for packing paper
•    Re-use boxes in-house for shelving purposes
•    Added a water purifier on the kitchen sink to eliminate the need for bottled water for employees
•    Reducing energy consumption by having computers go into sleep mode when not in use and asking that lights and personal fans are turned off at the end of the day and over the weekends
•    Recycle good parts for repairs
•    Use certain environmentally friendly products such as lens cleaning wipes made from recycled materials
•    Employees that handle chemicals have taken a hazard communication workshop which discusses the proper ways to dispose of the chemicals
•    Order restroom supplies in bulk and use refillable soap dispensers
•    Have switched to thinner bags for our products which use less plastic
•    Promote repurposing through creative DIY blog posts
•    Had green-friendly photographer Patrick Williams guest post about Making Your Photo Business Green 

And now, we're asking all of our customers to get on the green train too, and reuse or recycle our catalogs and packing materials that get sent to you when you place an order!