The F-8 is a WWII era aerial camera designed by the Keystone Manufacturing Company, Boston, Mass. The camera was used by the US armed forces namely the Air Force and Navy for aerial view reconnaissance. The camera weighed approximately 16 lbs., and was operated handheld out of the hatch on an aircraft. The effectiveness of the F-8 led to civilians shooting with it also, most famously by photographer Margaret Bourke-White who made photographs for US commercial airlines with it. The Keystone was fitted with a 15 inch F5.6 Wollensak lens. It takes 5x7 inch images on roll film 7 inches wide and 25 feet long. The shutter speed range is 125th of a second to 400th of a second. This exact camera was also manufactured by the Fairchild company and shares the same F-8 Aerial Camera badge.

Aircraft Camera Type F-8, 15" lens, 1944, with yellow filter, instruction book, case.
EX condition, $199.
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- Michael Reese