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A Rose by Any Other Name…

This isn’t just a simple name-your-image-tool. Metadata is an ambiguous term for “data that describes data”. In Lightroom, metadata is the information you choose to attach to your images. This information can describe the image, claim ownership and copyright, and a whole lot more.
Saving Precious Time
You can save yourself a great deal of time by manually entering your metadata information, and saving it as a preset. All your photos have metadata attached to them, whether you specify it or not. Make sure the data attached to your images is the information you want to be there. If you post or share your images online, then having your metadata set will provide the copyright and pathway back to you, the owner of the image. 

Under Apply During Import, click on the arrows to the right of Metadata and select New.

What’s in the Data?

In Basic Info, make sure your name is attached to your images. If you want to use the rating tool, this can help you sort your images within Lightroom at a later point. Other information you can add in Camera Info is Commentary, GPS coordinates, Altitude and Direction. If I were shooting in the Andes Mountains, for example, this might be really fascinating information to record that I was facing west while shooting at ____ altitude at _____ at _________ latitude and longitude. (But I do tend to be a nerd that way. Shout out to my fellow nerds!)

Here is what your New Metadata Preset box looks like: 

IPTC What?
Wikipedia web definition of IPTC is:
“The International Press Telecommunications Council, based in London, United Kingdom, is a consortium of the world's major news agencies and news industry vendors.”
Yahoo’s Definition of IPTC data is:
IPTC data is a method of storing textual information in images defined by the International Press Telecommunications Council.”
I can’t stress enough the importance of what you choose as your IPTC content. This is a kind of marketing tool for your work, and it’s value is beyond explainable. If you want to know more, research The International Press Telecommunications Council.
IPTC Content is a brief written summary of the image, a newscode found at, and the name of the person writing the photo description.
MINE. The Copyright
Copyrightis your name. Your images belong to you. Specifying this makes it so that permission is required for anyone to use your image. Copyright Status is either “unknown” or “copyrighted”. I recommend specifying that your image is copyrighted. Rights Usage Terms are “All rights reserved”. Copyright Info URL is your website. Once you have entered in all the information, (make sure you check the boxes to the right side of the information you want to include, and then click create). 
If you are prompted to do so, choose Save Current Settings as New Preset.
Want to go back and change your settings? Simply go back and click on Edit Presets.

Choose your Destination for saving copies of your images, and you are ready to move on to actually looking AT your images. But wait! There's more...

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