The Kodak Medalist is a rangefinder camera that was manufactured by Kodak between 1941-1948.  The design of the Medalist was unique in that it allowed for the use of roll film, film packs or sheet film.  The camera features a removable back, and users could purchase an optional ground glass accessory back that offered the option of using film packs or sheet film.  Although originally designed to use 620 roll film, the discontinued 620 film is so similar to 120 film that users today can still enjoy shooting with a vintage Kodak Medalist camera.  620 film is the same length and width as 120 film, however the spool that holds the film is a different size.  This can be overcome by re-spooling 120 film onto a 620 spool (click HERE for a great tutorial courtesy of the Brownie Camera website).        

The Medalist features a Kodak Ektar 100mm f3.5 lens, a Kodak Supermatic No. 2 shutter and a split image rangefinder located directly below the viewfinder.  With a shift of the eye, the shooter can focus on the subject before framing the subject since both parts are in view when looking through the finder.  The Kodak Medalist was built to last as it features a sturdy, high quality and heavy build.  Many roll film cameras of the era featured a folding design, but the aluminum body of the Medalist was stronger and constructed to protect the internal mechanisms of the camera.  Focusing of the camera is achieved by turning the large ring located in the middle of the lens tube, and there is a fine focus knob located on the front of the camera next to the lens.  A great vintage camera find!     

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