The Kodak Premoette Junior No. 1 is a folding film pack camera manufactured by Eastman Kodak from 1913 to 1923.  The Premoette Junior was originally made by Rochester Optical, the company known for producing the Premo view camera.  In 1903, Rochester Optical was absorbed by Eastman Kodak, and they continued to manufacture the Premo camera line.  The camera was made for use with Premo daylight loading film packs, and takes exposures that are 2.25 x 3.25 inches in size.     

The Kodak Premoette Junior No. 1 features a meniscus lens and a Kodak ball bearing shutter.  The No. 1 is a variant of the Premoette Junior, which features a built in brilliant finder.  The design of the camera is unique in that the bed folds down, but not a full 90 degrees.  There is no track on the bed, but the front lens standard fits into one of several slots at the front of the bed for different focusing positions.   

The aluminum bodied construction lends to the light weight nature of the Premoette Junior, and the black leatherette finish, chrome plated parts and maroon bellows gives the camera a handsome, classic look.  This particular camera is being sold as is due to a few issues that may affect image quality, but it is in great cosmetic condition for a 100 year old camera. 

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