Occasionally the situation may arise where your camera has somehow gotten into a foreign language and you can't figure out how to get it back to your native language. This may happen if you're unfamiliar with common camera setting symbols, if you don't have an owners manual, and/or if you've purchased an AIJ exceptioned camera. We use the description exception AIJ to refer to a camera that is "all in Japanese". While most of them have English menus, if the camera is reset the menu will automatically go back to Japanese instead of the American versions which when reset will default to English.

While all camera menus are slightly different, most operate on the same basic principles, format, and symbols. Knowing the universal symbols and understanding how to navigate the menus is key to getting out of this situation without an instruction book. Here's a few things to remember...

The language option can be found in the setup section of the menu
If you own an AIJ camera and reset it (which you may want to do to clear settings)- above,
this is what you'll see after your reset- below.
Remember that the setup menus symbol is a tool or set of tools (typically a wrench)
And the language options symbol is (usually) a face with a talking bubble
From there your language options will show, each in its own language and will be easy to reset.