The Leica IIIG is a 35mm rangefinder camera that was produced by Leica between 1957-1960.  It was manufactured in Germany and Canada, and had a production run of approximately 40,000 units.  It was the last Leica screw mount body to be made, and was introduced while the Leica M3 bayonet mount was in production.    

The IIIG is an upgraded version of the Leica IIIF model.  Leica made the upgrades in an effort to improve performance and ease of operation of the camera.  One of the major upgrades is a larger viewfinder image with a 7x magnification.  The viewfinder also features two sets of illuminated bright-line frame outlines for 50mm and 90mm lenses.  Other upgrades to the IIIG include automatic parallax compensation and automatic internal flash synchronization. 

The Leica IIIG also features a film type indicator on the back of the camera.  It is a well built, rugged camera made almost entirely of metal.  All of the Leica IIIG bodies were made with a chrome finish with the exception of 125 black units produced for the Swedish Army.  The special black units were engraved with the Three Crowns of Sweden on the back of the camera. 

Due to the three year production run, the Leica IIIG is not as common as the IIIC or IIIF models.  As a result, the Leica IIIG is a highly desirable camera for collectors.    

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